‘Yellowstone’ TV: John Dutton’s Potential New Enemy Teases ‘Big Plans’ for Next Season

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” introduced fans to a new character last night who will have a big impact on seasons to come: Interim Sheriff Bill Ramsey, played by Rob Kirkland.

WARNING: Major “Yellowstone” Season 4 Spoilers below!

At the very end of “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 8, Sheriff Donnie Haskell died fighting armed robbers at the local diner. John and Rip Wheeler stopped the robbers, but Haskell still passed away from a gunshot wound. Now, it looks like Ramsey will step in for Haskell, which is bad news for John Dutton.

During the episode, John went to visit Summer Higgins in jail and spoke with Ramsey briefly. When he learned that Ramsey had been appointed Interim Sheriff, John seemed disappointed, like he knew the following conversation would happen.

Ramsey expressed during the “Yellowstone” episode that he wasn’t impressed with Haskell’s tenure as Sheriff. “Donnie was a gambling addict and an alcoholic who only protected and served the highest bidder,” Ramsey told John.

When John said he was also a father, Ramsey shot back, “Half the men in my jail are fathers.”

Clearly, they don’t quite see eye to eye. While they might have been friendly in the past, that’s all gone out the window now that Ramsey’s been appointed Interim Sheriff (and likely will become the real thing).

When John leaves to go talk to Summer, Ramsey ends their conversation with an ominous warning. “Things will be different with me in charge,” he said.

“New rules, huh?” John replied. Ramsey promised, “Still the old rules. But now they’ll be enforced.”

This Is What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Been Waiting For

All season long, it feels like “Yellowstone” fans have been waiting for John Dutton to go toe to toe with someone who poses a threat to him. Interim Sheriff Bill Ramsey might be an officer of the law, but he could threaten John’s way of getting things done around Montana. And even arrest John for it.

We’ve always known that John’s loosely used the law to get what he wants and completely disregarded it at other times. Now that there’s a Sheriff in charge who won’t take to bending the law, though, how will John solidify his power in the region?

This could be a super interesting dynamic to play out in future seasons. “Yellowstone” could really dive into John’s morals and ethics, which actually came up a lot during this episode. Ramsey could be the foil we’ve waited for all along, to show that every man (including the protagonist of the show) has some good and some bad inside him.

Ramsey himself, RobKirkland, even promised more to come from his character in a recent tweet. The official “Yellowstone” account tweeted last night, “That’s @ThatRobKirkland, who you can also see on #MayorOfKingstown.”

He commented on the tweet, “Thx #YellowstoneTV fam! Honored to pick up the mantle from the great @realhughdillon! We’ve got BIG plans for #SherrifBillRamsey next season!”