‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kelly Reilly Posts Gorgeous Shot of Her ‘Office’

by Kayla Zadel

Kelly Reilly of the hit TV show “Yellowstone,” posts a photo about once a month on Instagram, but when she does, it’s usually stunning. And this month’s photo doesn’t disappoint.

Reilly snapped a pic of her “office,” and this office is completely different from the office of her character Beth Dutton’s place of work.

“The office,” as Kelly Reilly writes, consists of a quaint little cottage nestled in the hills. It’s surrounded by trees and various plants that are part of the landscaping. Additionally, a plume of smoke billows out of the chimney, and a makeshift set of wooden stairs lead up to the front door.

We’re definitely jealous is of Kelly Reilly’s office space. We wouldn’t mind setting up shop in this cottage, because we believe that moments like this are some of the best moments.

Kelly Reilly’s ‘Yellowstone’ Character’s Office is Fairly Different

We mentioned earlier that Beth Dutton’s office is definitely different than the one that Kelly Reilly shares on Instagram. Though, we’re not saying that Beth’s office is bad. No, she actually has a swanky office in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

The design of her office is very open. White walls are met with earthy materials like wood, and also brick. Her assistant sits at the front desk, next to a nice waiting area. Then Beth’s desk sits further into the space. She has a glass desk and two chairs that face her for consultations. A conference room adorned with glass walls takes up the space to the left of the sitting area.

However, this space hasn’t always been a happy place for Beth. In season 2, episode 7, “Resurrection Day,” Beth gets attacked and brutally beaten by two of Malcolm Beck’s henchmen. Luckily, Rip Wheeler intervenes and saves Beth’s life. There’s some remodeling that needs to be done after the incident, but it won’t last long. The season 3 ending episode left fans with a troubling cliffhanger.

The “Hatchet Man,” a nickname given to her in the workplace, recently got fired by the head-wig at Market Equities. She’s packing up her office, and a package arrives at Beth’s office. Her assistant tells her that a box arrived, but before Beth could warn her not to open the suspicious package, she does so and an explosion happens. It’s so big that drivers on the road outside the building swerve because of the magnitude of the bomb. Fans do not get a look at the inside of the office, as the show cuts to the next potential life-altering scene.

Did Beth Dutton die or perhaps she survived the explosion that happens at her Schwartz & Meyer remote office? We don’t know, but until season 4 drops, learn more about the actress, Kelly Reilly, who stars in the role of Beth Dutton.