‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Explains Why He’d ‘Much Rather Be Outdoors’

by Josh Lanier

Whether it’s for a role or just for fun, Kevin Costner said he’d much rather be outdoors. Yellowstones John Dutton recently told CNN why he loves the outdoors, and why he thinks films set in the wilderness have a better “chance to be great.”

“I’m going to make my way to the mountains whether they’re in the movies or not,” Costner told CNN. “So when a story takes place in the mountains and I think it has the chance to be great, that’s kind of extra juice if you will.”

Costner’s most recent film Let Him Go, which is a small hit, is a Western thriller with a lot of open spaces. The Oscar winner is also preparing for the next season of the hit show Yellowstone. Filming for the Paramount Network smash series recently wrapped, though no release date has been set.

Yellowstone‘s aesthetic clearly matches Costner’s want for open spaces and outdoor vistas that are also necessary for the story.

“I love open spaces but what has to stand up is the story. I would much rather be outdoors than doing a courtroom drama and I’ve done courtroom dramas, ‘JFK’ and ‘Black or White,’ things like that. But this is probably where I am the most comfortable,” Costner said.

Kevin Costner Stars Western Thriller ‘Let Him Go’ a Hit

Outside of his television work, Kevin Costner recently starred in the Western thriller Let Him Go. The film, based on a Larry Watson novel of the same name, is a modest hit in the COVID-19 era.

The Tom Bezucha-directed film raked in $4.1 million during its Nov. 6 opening weekend, which is more than any film has made in six weeks, the Associated Press reported. According to Comscore, less than half of all North American theaters are open at the moment. And many people have said they don’t feel comfortable returning to them during the pandemic.

“Let Him Go” follows a Montana couple who travel to North Dakota to retrieve their 3-year-old grandson from his stepfather’s family. It’s getting good reviews. The film currently has a 77 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.