‘Yellowstone’ TV Limited-Edition DVD Box Set Includes One Item That’s Sending Fans Into Frenzy

by Thad Mitchell

Much the same as a young child anxiously awaiting Christmas Day, “Yellowstone” fans are yearning for the favorite show to return.

There are still a couple of months to go before “Yellowstone” makes its triumphed return to television. Show creators say the Paramount Network hit series will be here this fall. It will be the fourth season of the heavily popular show and fans simply cannot wait. The internet is full of “Yellowstone” loyalists converging on various websites to get their modern western fix. Fans love to speculate and theorize on what may or may not happen in the upcoming brand new season.

“Yellowstone” recently released a limited-edition DVD box set that fans of the show just had to have. The box set includes previous seasons as well as additional commentary and some behind-the-scenes extras of our favorite character. There is one particular item that comes along with the set that has sent “Yellowstone” fans into a tizzy — a Rip Wheeler sticker. The sticker is totally bada** as you would expect anything related to Rip Wheeler to be. The sticker is a nice-looking pic of Rip in his cool sunglasses and says “Send Rip” at the bottom of it. If you don’t want to buy the box set, you can also find this awesome Rip Wheeler sticker on Amazon.

The product description for the “Yellowstone” sticker says it is perfect for cups, laptops, planners and phone cases. The sticker retails for $2.99 and has a four and a half star rating out of more than 500 reviews. It would make for the perfect gift for the “Yellowstone” fan in your life.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Adore Rip Wheeler

Since being introduced in the very episode of the very first season, Rip Wheeler has become a “Yellowstone” fan favorite. Rip is the foreman of Yellowstone Ranch and the leader of the ranch’s bunkhouse crew. He is a more than capable cowboy as we’ve seen him break horses, herd up cattle and even put up fencing. But, Rip’s true value to “Yellowstone” and the Dutton family comes from his intense loyalty. A large and intimidating presence, Rip is the Dutton family’s enforcer. He often deals with the family’s enemies by sending them to the “train station,” which is code for killing them. Rip has shown he has zero issues with getting his hands dirty to protect the family he loves.

With the way the third season finished, many “Yellowstone” fans are predicting Rip will avenge the attack on the Duttons. Three members of the Montana ranching family come under attack from an unknown entity at the end of season three. One of those coming under attack is Beth Dutton, Rip’s fiancée. We wouldn’t bet against seeing Rip out and busting heads at some point in the fourth season.

The wait for a new “Yellowstone” season is growing shorter.