‘Yellowstone’ TV Marathon Weekend: Here’s Which Episodes Have First-Time Viewers Going Wild

by Jon D. B.

Spending your Valentine’s Day with the cast of Yellowstone? These new fans are, and they’re absolutely losing it over a few key episodes.

How long has it been since you’ve revisited Season 1 or 2 of Yellowstone? The series is entertainment at its best, and never gets old. So much has happened, too, that it’s a true pleasure to go back and catch details that tie into later plot points.

For many, however, Yellowstone is still the great Western frontier of television. Many have yet to discover it – or are doing so right now. Paramount is giving old & new fans alike the chance to relive the entire series so far with their Yellowstone TV Marathon Weekend. And if the Twitter responses are any indication, the show is making a whole lot of excited new fans.

Ah, to be a new fan and discover some of the insane twists & turns again with a fresh mind. The best we can do now is live vicariously through new viewers as they slowly lose themselves into the ranch. A few episodes, in particular, are blowing newcomers’ minds, too, and they’re letting the show know via Twitter.

Yellowstone S1 – Ep. 4: ‘The Long Black Train’

Oh, where to even begin with this episode. Season 1’s Episode 4 gave us a real taste of things to come, fully diving into the roughneck world of Yellowstone’s ranching. Taking a break from politics, the episode sees “A secret about John comes to the surface; Beth shows Jenkins a rough night out; Quality time with Tate leads to a close call,” cites IMDb. That’s… one way to put it.

From audiences really getting to know John Dutton – to that unbelievable “night out” for Beth – fans discovering this episode for the first time are losing it.

“I can’t stop watching!! Yes, it’s that good!!” Says SQBennett. Behind him, Krock23 says “Top 5 series ever. Probably Top 3. 24 and Breaking Bad gives it a run for its money.” That’s some stiff competition there, Krock. We’ll allow it.

Lorre Greg, however, is discovering Beth Dutton for the first time and can barely contain herself. “Beth!!!” she tweets. “My hero!!!” Ours too, Lorre.

‘The Unravelling: Pt. 1’

Ah, “the beginning of the end of Season 1,” says Paramount. Another fantastic episode, “The Unravelling: Pt. 1” comes true to its name.

Watching for the first time, commenter Erica says she can’t stop with the marathon and is “still watching” with several laughing emojis. Clearly, she’s in on what we’ve known for a long time now – Yellowstone is the best there is!

Pamela Russell adds that “The casting for young Beth and Rip is 100%,” followed by a “best show ever!” from viewer Daniel Bruce.

Poor Jimmy…

And then this happened. New viewer Michael Auer is giving Yellowstone a shot for the first time. In doing so, he comes across young Jimmy’s journey. Immediately, he comments “The Dude needs to take a few more roping lessons!” of Jimmy. Or perhaps actor Jefferson White, more aptly.

Hysterically, Jefferson White himself responds, saying “listen i was very young!!” – which we can absolutely hear him yelling in-voice.

To his defense comes viewer J Bryan, saying “Jimmy will be a good cowboy yet!” We agree, Mr. Bryan. We agree.

Ready to jump back into the series now? Us, too. For all the latest from Yellowstone leading up to Season 4, stick with your fellow fans at Outsider.com.