‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Movie Reference You Missed in Season 2

by Hunter Miller

Yellowstone” season 2 introduced new Dutton family nemesis Malcolm Beck, played by actor Neal McDonough. While you likely noticed the insane tension between McDonough’s Beck and Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, you probably missed a slight nod to one of McDonough’s past films during one particular scene.

John Dutton and his family are fighting to maintain control of their sprawling Montana ranch. Beck and his brother, Teal, are willing to do anything to try and take it. They hope to cash in on building a casino on the coveted land.

The Beck brothers’ plan to take the ranch culminates in the brothers hiring a white supremacist militia group to kidnap John’s grandson, Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill). The horrific situation leads John Dutton to formulate an elaborate plan to take out Malcolm and Teal. The Duttons call on Sheriff Haskell to show his loyalty and help out the family.

The Duttons plan involves getting Malcolm and Teal separated. Once Malcolm leaves their property, Kayce is going to swoop in and take out Teal. As a highly trained Navy Seal, Kayce could take on the operation alone. However, taking down Malcolm required a different tactic.

John Dutton taps Sheriff Haskell to pull over Malcolm shortly after he turns out of his property. Haskell approaches the car, and then Malcolm asks if there’s an issue with his taillight.

Here’s where some “Yellowstone” fans think creator Taylor Sheridan wrote in a nod to one of McDonough’s previous roles.

Is This a ‘Yellowstone’ Nod to Memorable ‘Walking Tall’ Scene?

McDonough’s fans likely remember an incredibly similar scene with his character from “Walking Tall.”

In the 2004 film, McDonough portrayed Jay Hamilton, a slimy casino owner. Dwayne Johnson, the movie’s lead actor, plays former Special Forces sergeant Chris Vaughn, who returns home to find his hometown rampant with corruption stemming from the casino. Vaughn gets to work cleaning up the town. That involves a particular adjustment to Hamilton’s taillights.

Johnson’s character pulls Hamilton over on a rural road. The two share a tense conversation before Vaughn then tells Hamilton to get his taillights fixed. Moments later, he bashes Hamilton’s taillights on his expensive sports car.

One Reddit user writes: “A similar situation was presented to another Neil McDonough character in Walking Tall when Dwayne Johnson was a small town sheriff with a heavy hand for justice.”

While it’s unclear if the “Yellowstone” scene was a nod to “Walking Tall,” the situations are noticeably quite similar. Check out the scene below:

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