‘Yellowstone’ TV: One Fan Shows His Extreme Dedication to the Show By Getting ‘Branded’

by Thad Mitchell

One fan of the Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” is taking his fanship to the next level by bearing an iconic symbol of the show.

There aren’t many fan bases around the world that are as loyal as “Yellowstone” fans are. One particular watcher is so into the show, he decided to go all in with the brand — literally.

The fan doesn’t reveal their identity on Reddit, but does reveal that they recently got the “Yellowstone” brand tattooed on them. The “Y” brand tattoo appears to be on the Redditors left leg, just above the ankle and just below the calf muscle. The extreme “Yellowstone” fan took to Reddit to show off their brand tattoo just a couple of days ago. No, it isn’t as crazy as sticking a hot cattle branding tool to your chest, but this fan gets an “A” for effort.

If you’re willing to put a logo from your favorite television show onto your body — you have earned a shout-out. We don’t advise running out to your local tattoo parlor and doing such a thing without thinking it over. But if you’re game — you deserve a little praise from other fans for your dedication. Several Redditors commented on the brand tattoo with many saying they admire the poster’s loyalty.

“Well, you’re in it for life now,” a fellow “Yellowstone” fan writes.

“Just stay away from the train station!” another Redditor says.

Other posters called the tatted person the “GOAT” amongst “Yellowstone” for proudly displaying the tat.

The history of the “Y” brand dates all the way back to the very first episode of “Yellowstone” season one. In the episode, we see Rip Wheeler burst into the home of one Jimmy Hurdstrom. With a branding iron in one hand and a fist made of the other one, Rip gives Jimmy an Ultimatum. He can either work at the Yellowstone Ranch or go to jail. Jimmy wisely chooses to join the ranch and do his best to become a cowboy — but it comes with a price. In order to become a full-fledged member of the ranch, Jimmy will have to be marked. Rip heats the branding iron on the stone before thrusting onto Jimmy’s chest. Before he leaves, Rip tosses Jimmy some burn cream for his pain — which there is plenty of.

Later in the series, Rip explains the meaning of the brand before putting the hot iron to Walker. He notes that the brand is “only for criminals” amongst the “Yellowstone” crew.

“It isn’t about the money, Walker,” Rip says before branding him. “It’s about trust.”

In the third season finale, we see ranch hands, Colby, Teeter and Ryan earn their brands by participating in the murder of Wade and Clint Marrow.

Who will earn the “Yellowstone” brand in the fourth season? We can’t wait to find out.