‘Yellowstone’ TV: Paramount Network Offering ‘Every Episode Celebration’ Marathon

by Jennifer Shea

Paramount, the network that brought you “Yellowstone,” is airing a marathon of every episode from the first three seasons of the show.

“It’s marathon time!” the network posted to the “Yellowstone” Instagram account on Monday. “Binge all three seasons of #YellowstoneTV beginning this Saturday December 26 at 9am/8c. Tag a friend who needs to catch up!”

Paramount Airing Seasons 1-3

Paramount will broadcast all 29 episodes in chronological order starting with the series premiere at 9 in the morning the day after Christmas. The episodes will run nonstop until 12 a.m. ET, then resume at 9 a.m. ET the next day. 

“Yellowstone” premiered in June of 2018. It became the most-watched summer series on cable TV in 2019, according to Popculture.

The network has released Seasons 1, 2 and 3 already. The cast and crew are still shooting Season 4 at their new location in Missoula, Montana.

Staying Put in Missoula for Season 4

The show began filming this latest season in mid-August. Series co-creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline this summer that he spoke with Montana Governor Steve Bullock about how to bring a bunch of people from Los Angeles into an area that had no active coronavirus cases at that point.

“As long as we’re very careful to not bring any in…” Sheridan said. “Once we’re there, we’ll be very cautious about how we move. The best thing we can do for the community is limit our interaction with them, really, for now. And everyone will just stay there for the duration.”

As of Dec. 21, Missoula County had 348 active cases of Covid-19. That’s out of a population of roughly 119,600. It added 183 new cases just over the past weekend.

“Unfortunately, you have to have that zero-tolerance policy,” Sheridan said of keeping the cast and crew in place for the duration of filming. “And you have to let them know, look, you may think it’s draconian of us to say you can’t go anywhere, but it’s reckless of you to go somewhere because if you get this… you could give it to someone who will have a completely different reaction to it. Yes, one terrible thing could be that the show shuts down for a period of time.”

So far, there’s no word of the show having to shut down Season 4 production. So that’s one small blessing amid the pandemic’s difficulties, at least.