‘Yellowstone’ TV Photo is Leaving Fans Questioning the Absence of One Star Ahead of Season 4 Premiere

by Jon D. B.

Who, exactly, is Yellowstone: The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Western missing on the cover? There’s a huge gap to the left of Kayce Dutton, and fans feel it belongs to a certain beloved character.

“Have you seen this in stores? I saw it a few days ago,” said one fan in a Reddit thread. In the Redditor’s post, we see the newly-released Yellowstone: The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Western. Though, it is labeled as an “Unofficial Special Collector’s Edition” – whatever that means.

Snark aside (sorry, my love for Yellowstone is serious, alright?), the “unofficial” title is a legal must. The magazine comes from Media Lab Books and not Paramount’s publisher, which means it is, in fact, unofficial. Weird flex, but okay.

This isn’t even what fans are finding odd about the release, however. It’s not what’s on the cover… But who isn’t that has Reddit Yellowstone die-hards in a tizzy. Take a look:

So what, exactly, is Yellowstone: The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Western missing on the cover? There’s a huge gap to the left of Kayce Dutton. And sure, the cover features all living Duttons, so it may make sense for that spot to imply his late brother, Lee Dutton. But in terms of the show that feels like ancient history for a new magazine release.

“Short-sighted to not have Rip on the cover,” comments another fan.

There it is. Where the hell is Rip Wheeler?

“My thought exactly,” replies another fan. “When I first saw this, my very first thought was ‘somebody’s missing’–then ‘aha’ where’s Rip?’ LOL.”

The Yellowstone fan’s thoughts were not “‘where’s Monica or where’s Tate… ‘but ‘where’s Rip?'” they say. And honestly, that doesn’t surprise this fellow fan at all.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Come To Associate Show Most Heavily With Rip Wheeler

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler. (Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

For a television show, let alone a Western, to have Kevin Costner at the center should mean he’s where audiences’ minds turn to first. But in Yellowstone‘s case, it’s Rip Wheeler who has captured the imaginations, attention, and hearts of the masses. Alongside the love of his life, Beth, the two have become synonymous with the show to the point that they overshadow even Costner’s patriarch.

This is, in no small way, due to the stellar performances from both Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly. Major props are due, too, for Taylor Sheridan having created such pitch-perfect characters.

As for Yellowstone: The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Western, it comes in traditional magazine format, but files in at a whopping 100 pages. The publisher calls it “Yellowstone, the ultimate fan tribute to the best Western in decades.”

Inside, fans can “Take a trip behind the scenes of America’s favorite fictional ranching family, the Duttons, with exclusive interviews, photos, facts and more about the show taking the country by storm and reconnecting viewers to a great Western tradition.”

Media Lab Books calls it “A must-own for any fan of the show or Westerns in general.” But we’ll leave that up to Yellowstone fans to decide.

If you’re interested in owning one for yourself, the publisher has their Yellowstone volume available for purchase right here for $12.99.

Yellowstone returns for Season 4 on Paramount+ come November 7, 2021.