‘Yellowstone’ TV Riles Fans Up with Clip of Jamie and Kayce Addressing Each Other as ‘Brother’

by Jennifer Shea

The official “Yellowstone” Instagram account is reminding fans that when it comes to the Dutton clan, it’s all about family. @Yellowstone posted a clip on Monday of Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) addressing each other as “brother.”

“I need some advice, brother,” Jamie tells Kayce. “If I can still call you that.”

“Til the day you die you better never call me anything else,” Kayce responds.

“Family over everything,” @Yellowstone added.

Fans React to New ‘Yellowstone’ Instagram Post

The response from fans was about evenly divided between people engaging with the post itself and people still sore about the delayed Season 4 premiere date. (The season premiere, which has been in June for the past three seasons, was moved to November this year.) Some of the latter chimed in to demand Season 4 already. One even suggested that “Yellowstone” quit posting until Paramount coughs up the new season.

Meanwhile, some Jamie fans piped up to sing his praises. After sterilizing his sister, killing a reporter and announcing that he’s out for himself, not the family, Jamie has not exactly been a model citizen. But he has his endearing traits, fans insisted.

“Unpopular opinion,” one fan posted. “Jamie is a top 5 character.”

“I am perhaps in the minority, but I love Jamie because I am also guilty of thinking I am doing something awesome, but actually totally blowing it IRL,” another fan chimed in. “I got you, fam.”

Other fans quickly dug into the perennial Jamie-vs.-Beth (Kelly Reilly) debate. The fierceness of their fictional feud has spilled over to discussions among the “Yellowstone” fanbase. And some fans got quite heated in their comments for one or the other sibling.

“If you like Beth, you definitely don’t care about family since she’s the one who tried to convince Jamie to kill himself,” one fan posted. “That’s not what family does.”

In Season 4, Anything Goes

Bentley has said that the Season 3 finale wiped the slate clean and gave series co-creator Taylor Sheridan room to write some new plot twists. So is it really still family over everything?

It remains to be seen if the Duttons’ family-first ethos will prevail in Season 4. As Season 3 ended, Jamie was just coming to understand that he is a Randall by birth, and a Dutton by adoption. And he got closer to his biological father, who killed Jamie’s mother. As he did, Jamie began to question whether killing was in his blood.

As a string of near-lethal attacks tore through the Dutton clan in the season finale, Jamie’s loyalties had never seemed more in doubt. No sooner did Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) call Jamie for help than Jamie essentially told Rip not to turn to him as a member of the Dutton family anymore.

Does Jamie have it in him to become an enemy to John Dutton (Kevin Costner)? Will his adoptive family survive those season-ending attacks? Does Jamie even care either way?

In November, “Yellowstone” fans will finally get to find out.