‘Yellowstone’ TV: Ryan Bingham Reveals He Tore His ACL During Filming Season 3

by Thad Mitchell

On the hit television series Yellowstone, the multi-talented actor and singer Ryan Bingham plays ranch hand, Walker.

As you might expect, playing the role of a Yellowstone ranch hand comes with some physical requirements. The hands tend to the cattle on Yellowstone as well as performing other odd jobs while living on the ranch. The bunkhouse buddies have also been known to get in a fight from time to time as protectors of the ranch and the Dutton family. Actors playing the parts of ranch hands know that some scenes are going to take a toll on them physically. It is all in a day’s work for a cowboy living on Yellowstone Ranch. With the physical demands of the roles, there is likely to be an injury or two per season.

Such is the case for Ryan Bingham and his character portrayal of Walker. In a recent interview on the #nfp Podcast, the actor reveals he suffers a serious injury toward the end of filming season three. Bingham tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while participating in a fight scene.

“At the end of last season, I tore my ACL,” he says. “In one of the last episodes, we were doing, like, a big fight scene when it happened. So I’ve been doing a lot of physical therapy and trying to get back in fighting shape so to speak.”

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An ACL tear is a serious injury that can take up to a year of physical rehab to fully recover from. Athletes suffering ACL injuries typically are unable to return until the following season. A bull rider, Bingham says he knows all about injuries and the recovery process.

“I’ve been doing that (therapy) and hanging out with kids, writing some songs and that is about it,” he says. “I’m just trying to stay healthy and stay sane.”

Bingham’s Yellowstone character, Walker, has had a rough go of it since joining the ranching team. He often draws the ire of Rip Wheeler, the foreman of the ranch. Wheeler was set to take Walker to the “train station” last season but his life is spared by Kayce Dutton to Rip’s dismay. Now back at the ranch, Walker will have to tread lightly if he wants to keep his job — and his life.

Yellowstone is set to make its return to the Paramount Network this summer.