‘Yellowstone’ TV: Ryan Bingham Reveals ‘Walker is Tough’ in Season 4

by Halle Ames

Ryan Bingham, the actor who plays Walker on Yellowstone, explains why ‘Walker is Tough’ in the upcoming Season 4.

Throughout the hit western drama series, Ryan Bringhams character Walker has proven to be resilient. Upon getting out of jail for killing someone in a bar fight, he finds himself in trouble once again at the Dutton Ranch. Rip tries to kill him a few times. Kayce saves him and tells him just to get lost. Naturally, Rip runs into him and drags his butt back to the ranch.

Ryan Bingham’s Insight on Walker’s Character

Ryan Bingham spoke to the #nfp Podcast by 3D Entertainment about his Yellowstone character and what fans can expect from the coming season.

Bingham found himself on the set of Yellowstone after becoming close friends with the show’s producer, Taylor Sheridan. Years down the line, Sheridan wanted to use some of Bingham’s songs, but when the producers discovered Bingham’s background in bull riding and cowboying, he decided to make him a character.

“He’s like ‘I don’t know what we are going to do with you, but we’ll figure something out,'” recalls Ryan Bingham. “So, he came up with my character, and he said, ‘You know, I don’t know. We are just going to slowly introduce you in there.’ and he said, ‘if you do real good, we’ll keep you in, and if you suck, we’ll just kill you off.'”

Ryan Bingham reveals that his career on the show was always up in the air. Whether Walker lived or died depended on what the fans thought of him.

“You know for those first couple episodes, for the first couple of seasons, you know, no one ever knew if I was going to die or come back,” says Bingham. “Because they were just waiting to see if anyone was going to like me. So, then I kind of got stuck doing it, and then I always kind of, you know, I was touring a bunch at the same time too. So, I couldn’t really commit to doing it full-time. But then when the covid stuff happened, and all the touring was shut down, I was talking to Taylor, and I was like, ‘you know, I’m not doing anything all summer.’ And he was like, ‘so I’m going to write you in this thing.'”

Will Walker Die?

Is this a hint that Walker will survive throughout Season 4? While Ryan Bingham doesn’t exactly give a clear answer, he indicated that is how it will play out.

“I won’t give it all away, yeah. I won’t give it all away, but I can tell you that Walker is f*cking tough. They ain’t getting rid of him that ease.”

While we have a love/ hate relationship with Walker, we cannot wait to see Yellowstone’s upcoming season. It will premier in June of this year.