Yellowstone TV: Ryan Bingham’s ‘Walker’ Shown ‘Keeping the Wolves at Bay’ in New Post

by Jennifer Shea

Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” has updated its Instagram account with a new photo of Walker (Ryan Bingham) playing his guitar in the bunkhouse.

“Keeping the wolves at bay,” the new post reads.

The Musical Rogue on ‘Yellowstone’

Walker is a roguish addition to the crew at the ranch who catches Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) eye and quickly runs afoul of Rip (Cole Hauser).

In his determination not to wind up back in prison, Walker often opts out of the hijinks – and worse – that the ranch hands get into. A loner by nature, he jockeys with and ultimately fights Rip, who tries to take him to “the train station” (code for a quick death). 

But Kayce (Luke Grimes) intervenes, ultimately deciding to spare Walker’s life. In exchange, he makes Walker promise to leave the state and never come back – a promise Walker doesn’t keep. The musical ranch hand reappears at a bar in town, where an incredulous Rip and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) discover him performing onstage.

So Rip and Lloyd drag Walker back to the ranch, the last place he wants to be. Rip can’t let him roam free with what he knows about their dirty laundry, and Kayce can’t murder him. Instead, Kayce offers him his job back, and Walker reluctantly accepts. But this time he has to be all in: they enlist his help in a revenge killing and make him wear the Yellowstone brand. 

By the end of Season 3, it seems Walker is more a part of the ranch than he’s ever been. Fortunately for Rip, Beth seems to quickly tire of her brief flirtation with Walker and settle into her engagement with Rip.

Bingham Is a Fan of the Show

Bingham told PopCulture that he got to know show creator Taylor Sheridan through an earlier film that Sheridan wrote and directed. Sheridan had enlisted Bingham to write a song for the film. Though Bingham didn’t come up with one that fit, the two remained friends. 

Sheridan again reached out to Bingham about writing songs for “Yellowstone,” only to find out that Bingham had a rodeo history. So Sheridan decided to write Bingham into the show.

Unlike Walker, Bingham has really gotten into the spirit of things at the ranch. He even has a favorite character on the show. 

“Some of my favorite [episodes] have been with Jimmy, with Jefferson [White’s] character,” Bingham explained. “He’s just one of my favorite guys on the show, and I feel like he’s just so innocent in a way and he just always just runs into s—. He can’t get a break. I know my character kind of gives him a little bit of s— at the beginning, but I think Walker has a soft spot for Jimmy, and some of that’s just endearing.”

It remains to be seen if Walker will survive Season 4. But Bingham appears to be rooting for his character to fit in among the other ranch hands.

“I think Walker definitely turned a page in this last season, didn’t he?” he said.