‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts ‘Iconic’ Season 1 Clip of John Dutton Teaching Outsiders About Land

by Jon D. B.

“This is America. We don’t share land here.” Ah, the immortal words of John Dutton. Harsh to some? Maybe. True to Yellowstone? Deadly so. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Kevin Costner deliver this timeless line, however, give it another watch below – as there’s far more to it than the line implies.

Fellow Yellowstone fans, Outsider recommends one thing: re-watch Season 1 if you haven’t already. It’s been several years now since the show’s inaugural season aired. So much has happened since that it’s easy to forget some of the incredible scenes, lines, and episodes.

Take this Season 1 scene, for instance. Within, we receive one of John Dutton’s most iconic lines. It’s a forward, brash, and honest tout from the Yellowstone patriarch. It did not, however, come from a place of cruelty or boasting.

Instead, the words Dutton utters only come after trying to help keep others safe, only to be lectured on own morality. And it’s all courtesy of a gaggle of ignorant tourists – all hundreds of feet closer to a wild grizzly bear than they should be. Something that, unfortunately, happens on a daily basis – with a deadly cost.

Still not ringing a bell? It will.

“Throwing it back to this iconic Season 1 moment,” posts Yellowstone’s official Twitter. Without further interruption, enjoy:

“”Are you out of your mind?” Dutton asks the tour guide. “Get back! Get back, before that thing eats somebody.”

That thing is, of course, a massive, wild grizzly bear. The species is often used metaphorically on Yellowstone, and for good reason. They are kings of the wilds in true-to-life Yellowstone.

“It seems friendly…” the tour guide spouts back to Dutton, ignorantly. We’re sure we don’t have to say this to any fellow Outsiders reading on our site here, but assuming any wild animal is ever “friendly” or docile or what-have-you – is ignorant. There’s no two ways about it. Wild animals are exactly that – wild. They are not pets, friends, nor domestic in any sense.

This fictional account is meant to send a message by the production team of Yellowstone. Encounters like this can turn deadly in an instant. Being as close as these tourists are to a grizzly bear is asking for an unfortunate, unnecessary death.

As such, be smart. Don’t be ignorant. Never be that tourist. Always obey park guidelines, and keep at least 100 yards distance between you and a bear of any species.

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