‘Yellowstone’ TV Season 3 Marathon Airing Today: How to Watch

by Thad Mitchell

We are just about six weeks away from the return of our favorite modern western show “Yellowstone” as the excitement builds.

The wait for “Yellowstone” fans has been longer than expected but we all expect it will be well worth it. “Yellowstone” will make its glorious return later this year on Sunday, Nov. 7. In the meantime, “Yellowstone” fans are getting their last-minute theories and speculation in.

Some hardcore fans have gone back and rewatched the previous three seasons a couple of times over in search of clues. While you may not find analyzing every second of the series necessary, we could all use a refresher on the events leading up to season four. The Paramount Network has you covered as they will run a season three marathon, starting later today (Sunday).

The “Yellowstone” season three marathon will begin at noon ET today and will cover all 10 episodes of season three. With a gorgeous photo of the Montana mountain scape, the show’s social media page gave fans a marathon heads up.

“Watch all of Yellowstone season 3 today on the Paramount Network, starting at 12 p.m. ET,” the post proclaims.

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans chime in on the post to say they now have their Sunday afternoon made. Many note they have watched the previous three seasons a couple of times already — but one more viewing won’t hurt anyone.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Ready for Sunday Afternoon of Western Goodness

What could be better than kicking back on a Sunday afternoon and watching an entire season of “Yellowstone” on TV? For “Yellowstone” fans — it doesn’t get much better than that.

“Well, I know what I am doing today!” a social media user writes. “I’d watch this show every day if I could!”

“The show is fantastic,” another fan says. “It has a great cast and great acting. Just an amazing show!”

While there are sure to be plenty of watchers for today’s marathon, some “Yellowstone” fans have turned their attention to season four.

There is a great deal of mystery and intrigue surrounding the upcoming brand new season. Chief among those is who is dead, who is alive and who is fighting for their life.

From recently released “Yellowstone” trailers, we know John Dutton falls into the latter category. John took several bullets to the chest as the final seconds of the third season tick away. The trailer shows Rip Wheeler arriving on the scene and begging John to hang on to dear life. You also have John’s two children, Kayce and Beth Dutton, that could be dead or alive.

Finding out the status of these primary characters and who is behind the attacks will lay the groundwork for the new season.