Yellowstone TV: See All Season 4 Predictions, Questions and Character Analyses

by Hunter Miller

Yellowstone is more than a show about a western ranching family. It is a series that claws at your emotions and makes you laugh as you relate to the characters. It is a show of hard work and grit, a show about Outsiders and their devotion to one another.

Season 3 ended with a whirlwind of action. Beth, John, and Kayce are all left in life-threatening situations. Many relationships are on the rocks. Tension is building among powerful people and the ranch’s land is at stake.

Nothing seems certain as “The World is Purple” comes to a close. The credits began to roll and our hearts were racing: What’s next? Will the Duttons be okay? When will season four come to answer all our questions?

We know Yellowstone. So we did what needed to be done: We compiled all the Yellowstone goodness right here, so you can read up on all the theories about what is to come, analysis on your favorite characters, and the burning questions you have about the show’s return.

Read through it all (we would, it’s like rewatching the show at another angle!) or follow along to the juiciest parts, using this table of contents:

Burning Questions

The first things we had to know when our TVs turned off after season three. When is season four coming? And when do the Duttons in all their glory return to my screen?

When will ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 debut?

John Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and the gang will return for another season sometime in 2021.
Right now, it is rumored based on social media posts that the show will return in June. But so far, those reports are unconfirmed. We will keep you posted when we have the exact date, but for now, here’s what we know (and what we want to know)

When is the first trailer going to drop?

While we like rewatching the first three seasons as much as the next person, we know you are hungry for new “Yellowstone” content. While we wait for an exact premiere date, the first trailer usually drops a month-and-a-half before the show premieres. So, a trailer for Season 4 should drop around mid-May, if the show releases in June.
Read about the trailer here.

How many seasons will be in the ‘Yellowstone’ series?

Six seasons. According to creator Taylor Sheridan, he envisions six seasons to properly conclude the Duttons’ epic. With Season 4 on the way, viewers still have three more years of “Yellowstone” to look forward to. Read more about the future seasons here.

How can I catch up on the first 3 seasons before season 4 begins?

New to Yellowstone? (Or just want to rewatch it all to experience all the greatness again?) You’ve come to the right place. Viewers can catch the Dutton family on NBC’s Peacock streaming service. 

Unfortunately, only the first episode of Season 1 is free. You’ll have to sign up for Peacock Premium. For $4.99 a month, you’ll get access to all of Yellowstone. There are three seasons with an average of 9 or 10 episodes per season.

Read more about how and where to watch the first three seasons of Yellowstone, here.

Major Season 4 Plot Predictions

1. ‘Big Death’ is Coming… Here’s Who it May Be:

Rip Wheeler

He’s everybody’s favorite cowboy. But is the tough-as-nails Rip Wheeler likely to make it through Season 4? Let’s look at some clues why Rip may be killed off next season. Firstly, his name is Rip. His initials are R.I.P. And, fans will remember, the last we see of Rip in the Season 3 finale, he is looking up to the sky watching vultures circle above. An obviously bad omen.

Read more about Rip’s potential demise, here. Or, might he be taken down by a ranch hand we already know? Read why Walker may be the one to kill Rip.

Jamie Dutton

From the first moment we see Jamie in Season 1, the adopted Dutton son has been on a path of self-destruction. But most importantly, Jamie might have been responsible for the attacks on the Dutton family in the Season 3 finale. If that’s the case (and the Duttons survive), that does not bode well for Jamie’s future. Cause if we know anything about the Duttons, it’s that they won’t hesitate to take their enemies to the train station. But maybe his Dutton last name will save him.

Read more here.


The gravelly-voiced cowboy musician has been on Rip’s bad side almost from the start. Only a short time after Rip Wheeler hired him straight from prison, the two butted heads. Rip even instructed Kayce to take Walker to the train station. However, Kayce showed Walker mercy as long as he promised to stay out of Montana. We all know that didn’t happen, because Walker couldn’t leave the state due to his parole.

Fast-forward to Rip finding out that Walker is still alive. Rip and the Duttons decide to give Walker another chance, but on the condition that he swears his loyalty to the Ranch. With tensions this high, and having Rip for an enemy, we definitely wouldn’t be shocked to see Walker going to the train station again. But this time…for an eternity-long stay.

Here’s why Rip may kill Walker.

John Dutton

He’s the Dutton family patriarch. The king of the Ranch. But with the ever-growing list of enemies John Dutton makes, his time could be coming to an end soon. At the end of Season 3, John gets ambushed while helping a woman change a flat tire. A gunman sprays a storm of bullets at Dutton and the woman. The last we see of John, he is realizing that his least favorite object, his cell phone, seemed to absorb a bullet headed straight for his heart.

The one thing in the world most important to John…is the ranch. And keeping the ranch in the Dutton family. He’s willing to fight and die to protect it. That sole driving purpose could leads to John’s ultimate doom. Bold prediction here: in some form or fashion, John sacrifices his life in order to save the ranch, and keep it in the family.

Kayce Dutton

John Dutton’s only biological son (after Lee was killed), always seems to find himself in trouble. Whether trouble finds or he finds the trouble; he’s always in the thick of it. Fortunately, he’s a highly-trained former Navy Seal able to work his way out of many a mess. But one of these days Kayce may find himself facing trouble or enemies that even his military background can’t save him.

At the end of Season 3, we see Kayce under siege. Upon hearing the thunderous cracks of gunfire, Kayce overturns his desk to take shelter. We predict he lives to fight another day after the attack. However, one of these days could be his last next season. Kayce’s death would undoubtedly cause a seismic shift in the Duttons future, which is exactly the kind of drama that we’ve all come to expect out of Yellowstone.

2. There May Be a Spy on the Dutton Ranch…

Loyalty means everything to the Duttons. Loyalty to the family, and most importantly, loyalty to the ranch. But the Season 3 finale leads us to believe that one of the Duttons, or one of the ranch hands, might be a spy. Considering, as far as viewers know, the attacks on John, Kayce, and Beth seemed to all happen simultaneously. Seems like a pretty big coincidence for possibly Market Equities, Thomas Rainwater, or Jamie’s father, Garrett Randle, to orchestrate 3 hit jobs without some inside help.

Read more here.

3. Rip Goes on a Revenge Rampage

Rip and Mo

Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler and Thomas Rainwater’s right-hand man, Mo, are essentially two sides of the same coin. Both are loyal to a fault to John Dutton and Rainwater. And both are highly lethal and willing to take care of their bosses’ dirty work. Should the Duttons and the Broken Rock Res. find themselves sharing a common enemy, we have no doubt Rip and Mo are going to team up to put a hurtin’ on anybody and everybody that stands in their way.

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Character Analyses

The characters on Yellowstone are relatable. They are real: messed-up, funny, bitter, loving, hard-workers that we can see ourselves in. Every Yellowstone fan has their favorite character, whether that’s because they can see their personality best reflected in the way one of the Duttons leads or how one of the ranch hands devotes time to work.

The quotes have solid advice hidden in humor, the love stories are raw and real, and pivotal moments are frequent, not rare. Taylor Sheridan’s ability to grasp the viewers’ attention with striking character development and deep layers of identity built within each person, is spectacular.

Here are the best quotes, relationships, and big turning point moments for all your favorite characters.

Best Quotes

Alright, we know this show is spectacularly written. The scripts are masterpieces set to an unbeatable soundtrack. The character development is all within their words – whether that’s comebacks or advice or intimate glimpses into the characters’ minds. Each person has their own flare and it’s critical to review all their goodness before season four begins… So, here it goes. The best quotes to relive and replay before season four premieres:

Beth’s Best Burns and Zingers

This goes without saying, but Beth Dutton takes the title of TV’s most ruthless female character. Nobody can take someone down with just their words like Rip’s future wife. In almost every scene, Beth is dropping epic quotes like, “You are the trailer park, I am the tornado.” Or, “Where’s the fun in wrecking a single man? When I break you, I want to know I’m breaking generations.” She’s got a list of hard-hitting zingers a mile long and we’ve got them all compiled just for you.

Check out Beth Dutton’s best quotes here.

John’s Fatherly Advice and No-Mess Attitude

He’s the last of a dying breed. A true cowboy in an ever-evolving world. And to put it simply, John Dutton knows how to be “meaner than evil.” After all, as John says when speaking about keeping control of the Yellowstone ranch, “It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s gonna try to take it.” Much like his daughter, Beth, John also has some crushing burns of his own.

Check out John Dutton’s best quotes here.

Jamie’s Expressed Frustration and Confused Identity

What Jamie may lack in the machismo that John Dutton or Rip possess, he definitely makes up for with wit. Whether he’s trading barbs with Beth or getting Kayce out of a sticky situation with the Broken Rock Res., Jamie always delivers knockout-punch lines. Take this zinger he dropped on Beth for example, “I am celibate because I’m terrified of getting somebody pregnant and passing on the gene that made you.” Ouch.

Read Jamie Dutton’s best quotes here.

Rip’s Fierce Loyalty and Dedication in Quotes

Of all the characters on Yellowstone, Rip may show more emotional depth through dialogue than any. While we all know him as the hard-nosed, gritty Ranch hand, Rip delivers some of his best lines during emotional moments with Beth. Take this for example: “I look at every day with you as a gift. My tommorows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word I’d rather call you if that’s what you want.”

But of course, on the other end of the spectrum, Rip can show off his cowboy toughness with more than just his fists. Remember when he said this to Jimmy: “There ain’t no such thing as luck. But I sure do believe in stupid, because you prove it every f–king day.”

Check out more of Rip Wheeler’s best quotes here.

Kayce’s Quiet Nature and Stoic Sayings

He’s not a man of many words. But when Kayce speaks, people listen. Maybe it’s because he’s a highly-trained Navy Seal. Or it could be because he naturally commands authority, much like his father John Dutton.

In all three seasons, one of Kayce’s best quotes actually was one that he wasn’t the first to utter on the show. After Kayce beats Rip in an all-out brawl on the ranch (we all know Rip took a dive, but that’s beside the point), Kayce utters the Ranch’s famous words: “There ain’t no fighting on this ranch. You wanna fight, you come fight me.” Even though we’d heard Rip and John deliver the phrase before, this moment made a lasting impact because of the implication of that moment. And for Kayce’s future at the Ranch.

Check out Kayce Dutton’s best quotes here.


The relationships in Yellowstone are no joke. They have struggles and arguments, real problems that we can relate to. They have tender moments full of emotion and express love in ways that can save lives (Beth and Rip, you know what I’m talking about). The relationships in the show just add to the character depth of each individual. Here are our favorites, and what we need to know next…

Best love story

All the relationships on the Ranch are unique, but does one reign supreme? Rip and Beth make us swoon, but Kayce and Monica’s intense connection can’t be ignored. Or what about the new loves? Teeter and Colby are a pair of comedians when together, and relationships need laughter to thrive, but then Jimmy and Mia’s similar devotion to rodeo, makes their passion stand out, as well. Okay, fine, we love love, and we love these couples. But there’s gotta be a winner…

Decide for yourself with the inside scoop and analysis here.

Kayce and Monica

It’s been a roller coaster romance for Kayce and Monica Dutton. The couple split for a short while a few seasons ago before rekindling their love and moving into the Dutton Family estate on Yellowstone Ranch. The couple has a young son named Tate Dutton and his presence is a driving force keeping them together. With Monica looking to take a larger role in her Native American Tribe, will it be smooth sailing for the couple or another break up?

Read more here.

Beth and Rip

Beth and Rip — It’s a romance that’s been boiling since they were kids and reached a new level in season one. The Yellowstone power couple got engaged in the third season and wedding bells may be in their near future. Of course, that will all depend on Beth’s status going into the fourth season as she was last seen exposed to a package bomb exploding in her office.

Read more here.

Jimmy and Mia

The reluctant rodeo champion and buckle bunny, as Lloyd would say, are a relatively new item on the Yellowstone Ranch. A barrel racer by trade, Mia lassoed Jimmy’s heart with an intimate moment inside a hospital room after Jimmy’s rodeo incident. When we last saw Jimmy he was lying motionless on the ground after being bucked from a horse? Does he survive the horrendous fall and does the couple survive troubled times upcoming are the two biggest questions to answer here.

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Teeter and Colby

She may be the only girl in the bunkhouse, but Teeter has established herself as the alpha among the cowboys. After saving her life, Colby finally realized his love for the wise-cracking Teeter after initially resisting her advances. After both receive the Yellowstone brand, it seems this couple’s relationship is just getting started. 

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Pivotal Moments

The last ten minutes of season three’s finale are all we can think about, but there were many other pivotal moments that are necessary to remember when entering season 4. These turning points changed the characters paths.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner)

It goes without saying that the most pivotal moment leading up to Season 4 for John is the attack. The first thing every Yellowstone fan wants to know is…did John survive? However, there’s several other pivotal moments that led John to landing in the position he’s in. His strained relationship with Jamie. His ongoing feud with Thomas Rainwater. And all of his problems seem to keep building up.

Read John Dutton’s most pivotal moments leading to Season 4 here.

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser)

Leading up to next season, there’s several Rip Wheeler moments that change the trajectory of his character arc. Whether it’s the backstory we witness when John takes Rip under his wing. Or Rip becoming a mentor and guardian for Jimmy. All of these moments are instrumental in what we can expect from Rip in Season 4. However, likely the most pivotal moment for Rip is when he proposed to Beth. Their future marriage has major implications for the future of their characters, and the ranch.

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Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly)

Much like her brother Kayce, Beth often finds herself in the middle of drama. But unlike Kayce, Beth is often the one that stirs it up. We’re not saying she’s a troublemaker…but she definitely isn’t afraid to pick a fight. However, the fight she picked with Market Equities and Roarke (Josh Holloway) might just be her downfall. Fortunately, she’s got the toughest cowboy around in Rip Wheeler by her side.

Read more here.

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes)

As for Kayce, he’s been through no shortage of turmoil. He shot his brother-in-law trying to save his brother Lee. Plus, he saved a young girl from a kidnapping and killed the criminals responsible. AND, he also isn’t on Rip’s good side, after not successfully taking Walker to the train station. But most importantly, and it can’t go understated, Kayce is all-in with being part of the Yellowstone ranch. Despite his resentment towards his father, Kayce is primed to likely become the next heir to the ranch. And possibly, run for Governor.

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Monica Dutton-Long (Kelsey Asbille)

In just 3 seasons, Monica arguably experienced more turmoil than any other character. She suffered a nearly fatal brain injury. Her son was kidnapped by Malcolm Beck’s hired hands. She was nearly kidnapped and used as bait to trap a predator. But most importantly, Monica seems to be the only character truly beloved by both the Duttons and her Native kin with the Broken Rock Reservation.

See Monica’s most pivotal moments heading into Season 4 here.

Who Should Run the Ranch After John Dutton?

Rip Wheeler: John Dutton’s Trusted Right-Hand Man

The first obvious objection is that Rip isn’t, in fact, a Dutton. However, John definitely views him as a son. Rip eats, lives, and breathes the Yellowstone ranch and has ever since John took him in a youngster. Not to mention, Rip is head over heels in love with John’s daughter, Beth. It’s safe to say that the Yellowstone ranch would have its most fierce leadership under Rip and Beth.

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Beth Dutton: The Fiercest Dutton

Running the Dutton Ranch takes heart, soul, and a take-no-BS attitude. All of which Beth Dutton has in ample supply. It’s true, Beth has made comments in past episodes that if it was up to her, she’d sell the ranch. However, we know that when it comes down to it, Beth is as loyal as she is fierce. While Beth is no stranger to making enemies, she also doesn’t mind a good fight.

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Kayce Dutton: John’s Last-Living Biological Son

Kayce, of all the Duttons, seems like he’s John’s #1 choice to take over when he’s gone. Not only because Kayce is a skilled horseman and rancher (and a Navy Seal), but also because he’s the only one with kids. Neither Jamie nor Beth have kids at this point in the series. And, if we know anything about the Duttons, it’s that keeping the Ranch under the Dutton name is of the highest priority.

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