‘Yellowstone’ TV Set Decorator Sat Down with ‘Old Friend’ Lloyd Actor Forrie J. Smith To Create the Bunkhouse

by Jon D. B.

Watch as Yellowstone‘s prolific set decorator, Carla Curry, reveals the level of detail her old friend and actor, Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith, is responsible for on the show.

“It’s All in the Details” says Yellowstone via their official Twitter. This is certainly true of the show’s real-life setting, historic Chief Joseph Ranch. But as fans are quick to note, it is equally true of the Yellowstone cast.

In this Season 3 behind-the-scenes look, Yellowstone set decorator Carla Curry and her team “focus on the details to make #YellowstoneTV feel as real as possible.” This is achieved through a close working relationship with the actors as much as it is Curry’s own design team, as she tells us.

Within, Curry spills the beans on working with Taylor Sheridan on what she describes as “definitely not your average TV set.” But it’s Lloyd Pierce’s Forrie J. Smith, however, that Curry focuses on most.

“Forrie Smith is an old friend of mine. I’ve known him for thirty years,” she reveals of the actor and rancher within. “He’s actually lived that life.”

As we Outsiders know, Forrie J. Smith is as true-to-life a cowboy as there ever was. He’s been ranching since he was old enough to walk, and it’s been in his family for generations. As she says, Carla Curry and Smith have known each other for 30 or so years, and her old friend would help her decorate her “favorite set” – the Yellowstone bunkhouse.

Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith Helped Design ‘Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse

“Everybody loves the bunkhouse… My favorite set,” Curry smiles. “The whole concept of the bunkhouse is almost like a cowboy dorm.”

“When I had to dress [the bunkhouse], I actually sat down with him, and we talked about… You know, just a few of the little details,” she continues of her partnership with Smith on Yellowstone.

“If you look at his bedroom in there, you can see a lot of his personal details that I ended up adding,” Curry reveals of Lloyd’s bunkhouse bedroom. “These are all his rodeo pictures!” she points out in an on-set clip. Within, we see a dozen framed photos of the real-life rodeo master at work.

“You can see the details in it,” Curry concludes with a smile. In many ways, it seems her life and career have led her directly to Yellowstone. From sports classic Friday Night Lights to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand, Yellowstone fans have seen her prolific set decorator’s work all over Hollywood.

Then, for Paramount Network’s hit show, Curry was in with the first page of the script. Why? She and her husband have been ranching themselves for over 20 years now. Through this, Taylor Sheridan would quickly become a kindred spirit – just like Forrie J. Smith. So, too, would the “soul” of Yellowstone: Chief Joseph Ranch itself.