‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Returns to Iowa for MLB’s Field of Dreams Game

by Matthew Memrick

“Yellowstone” TV star Kevin Costner took a walk around an Iowa baseball field for MLB’s Field of Dreams Game. 

The New York Yankees will face the Chicago White Sox at the Dyersville, Iowa park on Thursday. The game will air on FOX Recent “Jeopardy!” guest host Joe Buck will have play-by-play duties.

Costner played Ray Kinsella in the 1989 baseball drama about a farmer who builds a baseball field in the middle of his cornfield. James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, and Ray Liotta also starred in the film. 

The “Yellowstone” actor walked in from the stands wearing a white shirt and white pants. He cracked a smile as he looked around the field. Later, a Major League Baseball Twitter photo posted showed Costner playing catch on the field.

One Twitter user said, “Please tell me he is throwing out the first pitch (on Thursday). It would be perfect.”

Film resonates with ‘Yellowstone’ actor, dads

In 2014, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported that he returned with his wife and three kids to the field. At the time, Costner said the movie deals “with that biblical thing of men and their sons and maybe not getting along.” 

That theme echoes in his current TV series, “Yellowstone.”

Costner later said that women have an added influence on this movie. He said that they should turn to their husbands who haven’t made peace with their estranged sons. The “Yellowstone” star said they could turn to them and say, “‘You need to do something about this. You don’t want to go through life and wish you had played catch.'”

The film centered around building a field where baseball’s ghosts could play games, including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. In the movie, Costner travels the country to connect the pieces and bring the past to life.

“This is a special moment in time,” FOX sports analyst and MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas said. “That movie was talked about so much by so many people. For MLB to be creative, to bring the game here at “Field of Dreams,” is special.”

More on Thursday’s game

According to the MLB, Thursday’s game will be the first MLB game played in IowaDeadline reported that the teams would play in special throwback uniforms. The stadium holds 8,000 fans and the “Yellowstone” actor will likely be one of them. There is a corn maze outside the park in the shape of the MLB’s logo. A player can also hit a home run into the cornfield over the outfield wall.

According to IMDB.com, Universal Pictures built the diamond on the actual farm. After filming was complete, the farm owner kept the field, added a souvenir hut, and allowed visitors to play there. Fans can do this between April and November.  

Originally set for 2020, the pandemic pushed the game back by a year.