‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Mo Brings Plenty Offers Inspiring Message About ‘Respect’ in New Post

by Jennifer Shea

On “Yellowstone,” Mo Brings Plenty plays Chief Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) driver and right-hand man. He chooses his words carefully, but his glances and expressions often speak volumes.

The “Yellowstone” star was on a drive recently when he ran low on gas. So he pulled into a gas station, and while he was there, he spotted an interesting car. Its driver turned out to be a friendly fellow, and he and Mo Brings Plenty soon became friends.

It just goes to show, the actor posted to Instagram on Thursday, that it’s wise to treat people with respect.

“I met this man when I was on the road and had to stop for gas,” Mo Brings Plenty wrote. “I was admiring his car and we struck up a conversation. We exchanged good words and I am grateful that we did. His name is Aaron — he has become a good friend. Life is good; it’s too good to be doing anything other than walking through it respecting each other.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Is Also a Rancher

Mo Brings Plenty hails from the Lakota Nation, and he grew up on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. As an actor, he has appeared on “Yellowstone” and in the Peabody Award-winning series “The Good Lord Bird,” among other acting projects.

According to IMDb, the actor also owns a ranch with his wife, Sara Ann. When he’s not acting or working the ranch, he’s devoting his energies to one of numerous causes, including the protection of Native elders, the development of Native youth, saving wild horses, safeguarding the culture and traditions of Native peoples and saving the planet for future generations.  

In addition to his primary job as an actor, Mo Brings Plenty has also been a horse stuntman and producer.

Rainwater’s Right-Hand Man Is ‘More Than Just a Driver’

Over the past three seasons of “Yellowstone,” series co-creator Taylor Sheridan has expanded and fleshed out Mo Brings Plenty’s character on the show. And that has given the actor more room to work.

“He’s more than just a driver,” the actor said of his character in a behind-the-scenes interview for the Paramount Network. “And more than just a bodyguard.”

“Mo is really kind of the cultural foundation or center,” Birmingham said. “Because Rainwater wasn’t raised on a res. Mo was. So he carries the values of the culture more immediately in his upbringing. And he helps keep Rainwater grounded that way.”

Mo and Rainwater’s relationship really mirrors Rip (Cole Hauser) and John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) relationship, Birmingham added. So the two characters have some backstory together.

Maybe in future seasons, Sheridan will share a little more of that history. But in the meantime, Mo definitely has Rainwater’s back. And the two characters fulfill slightly different purposes in Sheridan’s overarching messaging.

“Normally when people think about us as Native people, they think of us as the past,” Mo Brings Plenty explained. “So it’s good to see that character grow, you know, in that way – as a reminder that we as Native people still exist.”

Watch Mo Brings Plenty’s interview here: