‘Yellowstone’ TV: Taylor Sheridan’s Own Horses Star in the Paramount Hit Series

by Jennifer Shea

When it comes to his hit series on the Paramount Network, “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan excels at authenticity.

In fact, Sheridan has already won the Spirit Award from the American Quarter Horse Association for his work on “Yellowstone” and “The Last Cowboy,” an unscripted reality show about horse trainers.

Taylor Sheridan Is a Cowboy Off the Set of ‘Yellowstone’ Too

At least one and possibly many more horses owned by Sheridan have joined the cast of “Yellowstone.”

Sheridan’s own horse, Dun It Chexinic, has appeared in the series, the American Quarter Horse Journal reports. The horse, a 2007 bay gelding with more than $32,000 earned in reining, is owned and shown by Sheridan.

And if that wasn’t cowboy enough, according to Quarter Horse News, Sheridan recently competed in the Careity Celebrity Cutting competition riding his own horse. He reportedly owns several cutters, and showed his first winning mount at the Utah Cutting Horse Association in 2017.

Over the course of his life, Sheridan has built up $10,428 in earnings from reining and cutting. And in 2019, he received the first Reiner of the Year award from the National Reining Horse Association.

“The enduring positive energy, new relationships, and fresh perspective that Sheridan has brought to the sport of reining qualified him as the ideal recipient of this prestigious award,” the NRHA said in a statement.

Sheridan Strives for Authenticity

Sheridan grew up in Texas, and returned to his cowboy roots to make “Yellowstone.” He had to write what he knew because he wanted it to resonate authentically, he told Cowboys & Indians magazine last year.

“If I’d make a movie about an astronaut going into space, I am making that movie for astronauts,” Sheridan said. “For the astronauts to think, ‘Wow, that’s exactly what it’s like.’ Because if they believe it’s like that, the rest of the audience will as well. So, with Yellowstone and Last Cowboy, the authenticity of a situation is very important to me.”

Sheridan escaped from Los Angeles as fast as he could. He took his family to Wyoming for a few years, then he convinced his wife to move back to Texas with him. Now they live on a ranch outside Weatherford, with another ranch near Jacksboro.

“The main headquarters where we live is more of a horse ranch, because I’m pretty deep into the horse deal,” Sheridan explained. “And then the ranch out by Jacksboro is more where we run the cattle.”

And according to Cowboys & Indians, Dun It Chexinic is not the only one of Sheridan’s horses to appear in the series. Sheridan told the magazine that actually, most of the horses that appear on the show are his.

“As far as my horses go, I supply most of the horses to ‘Yellowstone,’ my TV show,” Sheridan said. “And then I have horses that I show and breed.”

“Right now, I’ve probably got as many horses as I have cattle,” he added. “And I have too many horses.”