‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is There a Deeper Meaning to the Brand Than Fans Know?

by Thad Mitchell

We are only a few months away from the return of our favorite show, Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” and the excitement is building.

While we are currently in the “Yellowstone” offseason, fans are finding creative ways to get their modern western fix. Social media sites and online message board forums have become a hub for fans of the show to discuss their favorite show. Some sites, like Reddit, have entire forums blocked for nothing but “Yellowstone” talk. Redditors love to share their theories and ask questions of their fellow “Yellowstone” fans. A recent Reddit thread discusses the purpose of the “Yellowstone” brand that many of the ranch hands have.

“I get that it means that they are now within the inner circle of the Dutton Ranch,” a fan of the show writes. “But once branded, can they ever leave the ranch? Are the younger folks (Colby, Jimmy or the crazy girl (Teeter) who is hard to understand) planning on never marrying or having kids?”

This is a very fair question to ask as we simply don’t know a whole lot about the meaning of the “Y” brands. We do have some details on why branding is done from Yellowstone Ranch foreman Rip Wheeler to go by.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Meaning Behind ‘Y’ Brand

Before branding ranch hand Walker, Rip says the brand is only for the “criminals” amongst the group. When Walker points out that being branded is a steep price to pay, Rip provides the best explanation for the brand.

“It isn’t about the money, Walker. It’s about trust.”

Toward the end of season three, we see several ranch hands earn their brand by participating in the murder of Wade and Clint Morrow. Colby and Teeter are among the hands who receive the “Yellowstone” brand after this instance.

At the Yellowstone Ranch, it is clear that brands must be earned and aren’t easily given away. It is a rite of passage, so to speak, for the ranch hands.

Might we see more individuals earn their “Yellowstone” brand in season four? It seems like a safe bet to say we will.

“Yellowstone” creators stunned fans last month, revealing a new trailer for the upcoming brand new season. It will be the show’s fourth season and will be arriving sometime later this year in the fall.

There isn’t an exact timeline for when season four will make its debut, but the modern western drama is on its way. It’s hard to understate the popularity that “Yellowstone” has obtained through its first three seasons. It is easily one of the most-watched shows on cable television and the new season will likely push that number even higher. A true testament to the show’s massive appeal is that it has already spawned two spinoff series in only three seasons.

New series “6666” and “1883” are in the works with the latter recently announcing huge casting news. “Yellowstone” fans should be on the lookout for those two shows in the future.