‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is There a Hidden Clue About Jamie in Dutton Family Photos?

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone” is growing ever closer and fans can’t wait.

The newest season of the modern western drama is expected to arrive this summer. No official date has been announced yet, but speculation has the show returning as early as June. Fans of the show are keeping themselves entertained by theorizing what will happen in season four.

The end of the third season certainly threw fans for a loop. Four central characters have unknown fates heading into the new season. John, Kacey and Beth Dutton were each the subject of attacks at the end of the finale, leaving their return status up in the air. The fate of ranch hand Jimmy is also unknown as he was last seen face down in the dirt after falling off a horse.

One character that we know is still alive is Jamie Dutton. Season three was full of revelations for Jamie as he finds himself back in the political game as Montana’s Attorney General. He also shockingly discovers that he was adopted at only 3-months-old after his father kills his mother. He tracks down his father, Garrett Randall, and it is believed the relationship between the two will be a key plot to the fourth season storyline.

Yellowstone Photos Could be Hiding Secret Clue About Jamie

A Reddit user recently pointed out an odd finding while re-watching the series and looking for clues on the new season. The poster says the number of children in Dutton family photos is off by one.

“I am re-watching and noticed something,” the poster starts out. “In the framed family photos they show of the mom and kids, or just the kids, why is there ever only 3? Two boys and a girl.”

It is an interesting observation for sure. John and Evelyn Dutton have four children, including the adopted Jamie. In addition to Jamie, there is Lee, who died in the first season, along with Beth and Kayce.

It is difficult to tell which child is missing from the photos as they look much different. The poster ponders if the missing Dutton child is Jamie and if he isn’t in the photos because of his adoptive status.

Could the photos of only three Dutton children be a clue that Jamie will disown the Dutton family in the future? Is Jamie even the missing child in the photos, and if not, who is missing and why?

The last we saw Jamie in season three, he was telling Rip Wheeler not to contact him anymore. Could it be Jamie who is behind the attacks on the Dutton family? Is he teaming with his father to take over Yellowstone Ranch as his father suggested?

Randall did tell Jamie in the final episode that to bring down an empire you have to kill the king. Perhaps Jamie finally decides to do just that and have his adoptive father killed.

We are all dying for answers to our Yellowstone questions. With the fourth season premiere on the horizon, those answers should be coming soon.