‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Hollywood Superstar Considers Herself a ‘Hardcore Superfan’ of Show

by Thad Mitchell

With one of the largest fan bases in television history, “Yellowstone” has more than its fair of celebrity fans watching season four.

One of these Hollywood celebrity “Yellowstone” fans is actress Octavia Spencer. In fact, Spencer considers herself to be a “hardcore superfan” of the hit Paramount Network series. “Yellowstone” has a number of these hardcore superfans as evidenced by its tremendous ratings and viewership numbers. The premiere of the fourth season on November 7 would make history with more than 8 million viewers tuning in. One of those millions of viewers tuning in for the premiere was Octavia Spencer who says she can’t get enough of the show. Spencer has also noted just how much she is looking forward to “Yellowstone” prequel “1883” which will debut in a matter of days. The premiere of the “Yellowstone” spinoff is set for December 19 and you can Octavia Spencer will be watching.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the actress reveals her “Yellowstone” obsession proudly. Spencer has also been known to respond to “Yellowstone” social media posts, praising the show for an authentic western feel.

“Oh my gosh…who’s not?” she says when asked if she is a “Yellowstone” fan. “It is amazing!”

Spencer loves the show much that expressed hope that season four would be extended past 10 episodes.

“Does that mean you guys made 11 episodes for this season, or are we really counting down?” she humorously says.

Spencer has worked with “Yellowstone” leading man Kevin Costner on a couple of occasions. Could she make her way into the cast at some point in the future? It’s unlikely, she says, but also notes she would definitely like to see the set.

“I’m just gonna find myself out there on their set one day,” she says. “I’m coming for a visit.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Hitting The Home Stretch

Believe it or not “Yellowstone” fans, but there are only four more new episodes left in this fourth season. Season four has been a thrill ride since it returned just last month.

In the last episode, we got a big piece of the “Yellowstone” puzzle with Garrett Randall admitting he is behind the attacks on the Dutton family. The shocking reveal is likely to play a big part in the rest of the season as the Dutton family is likely to find out who it is that attacked them.

Jamie Dutton was initially miffed with his biological father upon learning the truth. He tries to arrest Randall at gunpoint until Randall is able to talk him down. Where Jamie’s true loyalties are will also be a big part of these final four episodes.

There may be only a few more episodes left before the finale but “Yellowstone” fans expect things to get wild down the stretch.

We “Yellowstone” fans wouldn’t have it any other way.