‘Yellowstone’ TV Is ‘Thrilled’ to Land on TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows List

by Leanne Stahulak

The votes are in, Outsiders. “Yellowstone” just proved that it’s one of the greatest television shows out there right now, per TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows List.

Every year, TV Guide writers gather around and compile a list of the best 100 shows that are playing on TV right now. So, don’t expect to see any “The Sopranos” or “Game of Thrones” on that list. Because per the rules, at least one episode has to have aired in the last year. Or, if it’s a limited series, in the last three months.

Dozens of deserving shows made the list, including one we’re all familiar with: “Yellowstone.”

It’s no surprise that the Western is being honored with a spot on the list. If anything, it’s more shocking how low of a ranking it received compared to the other top shows. It sits at No. 83 on the list, only 17 spots away from the bottom. While we probably (definitely) would’ve bumped it up past “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” the TV Guide writers apparently thought differently.

“Yellowstone” still thanked TV Guide for the spot on the list per the show’s official Twitter page. They quote tweeted TV Guide’s message about the list and said, “Thrilled that #YellowstoneTV made the list! Thanks, @TVGuide!”

What Does TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows List Have to Say About ‘Yellowstone?’

TV Guide writer Diane Gordon wrote a brief snippet describing the premise of the show and why they think it’s one of the greatest shows on TV right now.

“This cowboy hat-wearing version of ‘Dynasty’ has all the elements of an addictive Western soap: strong, silent men who are as attached to their guns as they are to their women; generations-old secrets that lead to all kinds of clashes; and a family whose prominence is being challenged and diminished,” Gordon wrote.

She continued by diving into the cast and what they bring to the table.

“The eminently watchable cast is led by Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton,” Gordon continues. “Who mumbles and grumbles his way through his lines as he rules over his personal fiefdom of gorgeous ranchland and wide-open skies. Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler speaks even less and is the type of man John wishes his own son could be. Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly are also standouts as constantly warring siblings who are angling for power in the family business.

“With three seasons under its belt and a prequel series on the way, ‘Yellowstone’ shows no signs of winding down the tension,” Gordon finishes.

A pretty good description of Costner and his “Yellowstone” team. But the show should also get a shoutout for its gorgeous cinematography. Or its supporting cast, who build up the main characters well over three seasons.

Perhaps, by the time next year’s list comes out, season four will have persuaded TV Guide to bump it up in the rankings. Until then, keep an eye out for season four updates, right here at Outsider.