‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did ‘Walker’ Star Ryan Bingham Reveal If His Character Survives Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone actor Ryan Bingham may have unintentionally put out a minor spoiler for the upcoming new season.

On the hit Paramount Network series, Bingham plays trouble-making Yellowstone ranch worker Walker. The singing cowboy has often found himself in direct conflict with bunkhouse boss Rip Wheeler. Not one to take crap from anyone, Rip has tried to do away with Walker on more than one occasion. Walker does have an ally in Kayce Dutton, who has saved his life a couple of times to Rip’s dismay.

Bingham recently appears on a podcast interview where he covers several subjects, including Walker’s role on the ranch. He describes Walker as tough and says the character won’t be taken down easily. He doesn’t say it directly but implies ranch hand Walker may make it all the way through season four.

Yellowstone Actor Ryan Bingham Talks About His Character

During an appearance on the #nfp podcast, Bingham is asked if fans can expect Walker to not end up taking a bullet in the new season. The actor hesitates before saying he doesn’t want to give it all away.

“Is it safe to say Walker isn’t taking a bullet this season?” the host asks rather bluntly.

Pausing to collect his thoughts, the Yellowstone actor responds by saying he won’t reveal season four plot lines.

“I won’t give it all away,” he says with a laugh. “I can tell you that Walker…he’s tough. They ain’t getting rid of him that easy.”

While it’s far from any sort of confirmation on what exactly is going to happen on the show, Bingham seems to suggest Walker isn’t going down without a fight.

The relationship between Walker and his fellow Yellowstone bunkhouse mates deserves the attention of viewers. The subplot could be pushed further down the road with the cowboy seemingly stealing away Lloyd’s gal, Laramie. Fans would definitely be excited for a Yellowstone love triangle that would no doubt bring forth plenty of drama. Remember, Lloyd is Rip’s right-hand man and Walker’s primary adversary. If Walker plans on surviving the Yellowstone Ranch, he will need to rely on his craftiness against Rip’s brute strength.

The new season of Yellowstone is expecting a summer premiere and the day is going closer. It is safe to say fans of the show are already on the edge of their seats.