‘Yellowstone’ TV: Was Cole Hauser ‘Surprised’ About Direction of His Character Rip?

by Anna Dunn

In a recent interview about Yellowstone, Cole Hauser talked about the direction of the fan-favorite character he plays, Rip Wheeler. So was he surprised about how he’s developed or did he always know how Rip would grow?

Hauser discussed his character with HeyUGuys earlier this summer. He was asked if he’d been surprised about where his character was going to go. Hauser wasn’t surprised at all. This is because show creator and writer Taylor Sheridan has a close working relationship with all the actors.

“I don’t know if I’m surprised. I’ve worked hard with Taylor [Sheridan] for the last three years. So it’s not like I show up and he hands me pages and I go to work. We have great communication and we’ve talked a lot off-camera about where we want this character to go.”

Sheridan is an immensely respected writer, and his work on the characters is what’s propelled Yellowstone into such a successful series. He’s written Sicario and Hell Or High Water, which was nominated for an Academy Award. While Hauser and Sheridan work closely, Hauser knows that ultimately, Sheridan calls the creative shots.

“Ultimately, it’s his words, but you know, I’m blessed to have a guy that’s creative that’s right next to me taking risks and wanting to make a colorful character. ”

Apparently, Taylor Sheridan is also just nice to work with as a person. When it comes to Sheridan, Hauser says it’s an “absolute joy to work with him.”

In fact, the two have developed a close friendship over the course of the series.

“He and I have become really close friends,” Hauser explained on the Ryen Russillo podcast. “He’s a really intense guy, he’s very focused, he’s not unlike me. I think we kinda complement each other because we both give a sh-t.”

Taylor Sheridan Has Created A ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff That’s In Production Now

Not only is season 4 of Yellowstone coming out this fall, but fans have another treat in store for them. A new series called 1883 is in the works, and it follows an earlier generation of Duttons as they head west to start a new life.

1883 has three surprising, yet hype-worthy stars. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will play the leading two characters, James and Margaret Dutton. Meanwhile, Sam Elliot will play their guide. The show should be starting production any day now, and a call for crew members has been posted for those in the Fort Worth area.

With Yellowstone around the corner and 1883 in the works, Taylor Sheridan is dominating the art of the modern-day western. For Hauser, working alongside him to bring his character to life is a serious joy, so it makes sense why Rip Wheeler’s direction is no surprise.