‘Yellowstone’ TV: Were There More ‘Coordinated Attacks’ in Season 3 Finale Than We Realized?

by Thad Mitchell

The day we have all been long waiting for is almost here with a new season of “Yellowstone” set to premiere this weekend.

Sunday is the big day for “Yellowstone” fans and we’ll get the first two episodes of the new season starting at 8 p.m. ET. Despite the premiere being just a few days away, two days to be exact, “Yellowstone” fans are still discussing their own theories. Most of the discussion and theorizing center on the final moments of the third season finale. We also know what transpired in the third season finale with series protagonists, the Dutton family, coming under attack. In what has to be one of the top cliffhangers in television history, viewers are left to ponder the fates of three Duttons. The status of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton are totally up in the air, and it’s driven “Yellowstone” fans, including the Outsider team, crazy.

Social media and message board forum sites runneth over with fans of the show sharing their hypotheses on who is dead, who is alive, and also who did it. Now, with only two days before the season four debut, “Yellowstone” lovers are getting in their last-minute theories.

Reddit has become the place to be for “Yellowstone” fans to fraternize and share their thoughts on the show. In a recent thread, a fan lays out a doozy of a theory that’s also drawn much attention and discussion. The Redditor suggests there were more coordinated attacks on the Duttons and their allies than when we see on-screen. The poster also suggests an unlikely suspect.

“The culprits are the Aryan nation and also Jamie’s biological father (Garrett Randall),” the Redditor suggests. “The four coordinated attacks, yes four, would have needed time to implement. Remember, just about everyone was at the meeting.”

‘Yellowstone’ Followers Believe More Attacks Could be on the Way

More than one “Yellowstone” cast member has said season four will kick off with a lot of action. It is believed the fourth season will pick up right where the third season left off. The Reddit poster suggests we have not seen the full scope of the attacks.

“Let’s talk about the four attacks. Yes, FOUR attacks,’ the fan says. The first being on Beth, who I am still 50/50 on surviving. The second, on John, who does survive. The third on Kayce, who I believe survives, and the fourth, which is on the ranch itself.”

The fourth attack on the “Yellowstone” Ranch theory is one that’s picked up steam as of late. There is strong evidence to support this hypothesis, including recently released season four teaser trailers. In these trailers, we see something going down at the ranch without great detail. We see Monica Dutton and several of the ranch hands seemingly on the run from an unknown attacking entity.

The good news for us “Yellowstone” fans is we don’t have much longer to wait on these answers.