‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Does a Possible November Premiere Date Mean for the Series?

by Thad Mitchell

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” will return this fall and now fans of the show are examining what a late return means.

“Yellowstone” creators announced the series will return later this year just a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t the news that fans were hoping for as many want their favorite show much later. It will be the show’s fourth season and its first to start late in the year. Previous seasons of “Yellowstone” have premiered in the early summer month, around the middle of June. This led to speculation that season four would follow suit, with many pegging June 20 as a potential start date. It proved to be wishful thinking as June came and went with no signs of a “Yellowstone” premiere.

Focus then shifted to late summer with fans theorizing that the show was avoiding direct competition with the Olympics. This also turned out to be just another rumor shared among the show’s massive fan base. After sensing frustration among watchers of their show, “Yellowstone” officials decided to end the suspense. Along with a teaser trailer for season four, producers reveal an autumn return for the new season.

With a timeline now in place, fans are speculating on what a late start for season four means for the franchise. Numerous threads on message board forum site Reddit discuss the show’s decision for a late start. One Reddit user believes the late start will work in favor of “Yellowstone” as it pushes back competition. The fan points out that competition with the National Football League shouldn’t hinder success.

“Some people have expressed concern about Yellowstone going against Sunday night football (and previously, the Olympics),” the fan says. “With DVRs, I don’t see the issue. Record one or the other. Even when I watch it live I still record it so I can watch it a few more times later on. If it premieres in November, I’ll guess the 14th. Thursday, November 11, is a holiday, Veteran’s Day. Maybe they could do another three-day binge the 11th through the 13th, then premiere season 4 on the 14th. That would be perfect.”

While modern technology allows television viewers to watch numerous shows in the same time slots, it does affect ratings. The NFL is a tough matchup for Yellowstone in the ratings battle as football fans prefer to watch games in real-time. This would mean recording episodes of “Yellowstone” and watching at their leisure, causing a decline in the rating scale. Responders to the Reddit thread, however, say they will choose Yellowstone over most any other show.

“Don’t care what’s on when season 4 starts cause I’ll be watching Yellowstone,” another Redditor proclaims. “Anything else I watch I’ll just DVR.”

One thing we can all agree on is that the new season of “Yellowstone” can’t get here fast enough.