‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Is the Show Teasing in New Beth Dutton Post Directed at Leslie Jones?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans are counting down the days until their favorite modern western drama returns to television this summer.

The heavily-popular Paramount Network series has built a massive, and still growing, fan base. Yellowstone creators are looking to grow that fan base by one more with a recent social media post. The tweet asks comedic superstar and “Supermarket Sweep” host Leslie Jones for her analysis of the show the best it knows how. That, of course, is by using their own leading female, Beth Dutton, in a meme directed at Jones.

“Hey @lesdogg! we need your thoughts on Yellowstone tv,” the tweet from the Yellowstone account says. The GIF attached to the post shows Beth Dutton swinging a glass back and forth and saying “I look forward to it.”

The Thursday afternoon social media post took in more than 500 “likes” and several comments.

Yellowstone Asks For Leslie Jones’ Thoughts

The meaning behind the tweet isn’t clear but it could have to do with Jones’ recent “review” of the latest “Justice League” movie earlier this week. Using the hashtag #longa** movie, Jones put out several tweets regarding her first viewing of the Zach Snyder cut of “Justice League.”

Jones is one of the funniest stand comics today and is known for her role on Saturday Night Live. She also took up hosting the reboot “Supermarket Sweep” just last year. Like the tweet says, we would love to see Leslie Jones offer up her thoughts on Yellowstone.

Some social media users took to the tweets comments section to express their excitement over the quickly approaching new season.

“Y’all got to come on with the new season,” a Twitter user writes. “Killing me making us wait to see if Beth and John make it. Almost going into withdrawals again. I need my new drug called Yellowstone. Bring the new season on.”

It’s a sentiment that all Yellowstone fans can relate to as we count down the days. The new season expects to be on our television sets this summer with June a likely starting point. In the meantime, fans of the show will continue their Yellowstone speculation and discussion.