‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who is the Most ‘Unlikeable’ Character on the Series?

by Kayla Zadel

As the release of the fourth season of “Yellowstone” draws closer, the discussion surrounding the western drama is ramping up. Now fans are debating who the most unlikeable character is on the show.

Some might think that’s an obvious answer, as some of the more despicable characters come to mind. Take Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) for instance. He probably has something to do with the targeted attacks carried out on the Dutton family in the season three finale. Then what about his partner in crime, Willa Hayes (Karen Pittman)? She entered season three of “Yellowstone” as a villain.

Then there are other characters that have recently turned “unlikeable.” Like one of John’s (Kevin Costner) sons, Jamie. The Montana Attorney General finds out that he’s adopted in the third installment and goes a little haywire when meeting his biological father. Additionally, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan gives fans another reason to hate the adopted son.

But believe it or not, fans are not deeming any of the characters listed above as the most unlikeable character. So who is it? According to some fans, it’s none other than John Dutton’s only daughter, Beth (Kelly Reilly).

Most ‘Unlikeable’ ‘Yellowstone’ Character

This “Yellowstone” fan poses the question about Beth Dutton being the character they like the most and blames it on the writing.

“I’m curious what other people think. I’m kind of disappointed that Tyler Sheridan has written her to be this vengeful, terrible person, and all because she lost her mother and can’t be one? Clearly there is more trauma, but those two things seem to be the pillar that defines her personality. And that seems incredibly shallow,” this poster shares on Reddit.

Fans Come to Character’s Defense

However, Beth fans come to her defense. Yes, we understand her insult game is strong, but the layers are just now starting to be peeled away.

“I love Beth’s character. Not only is Kelly [Reilly] a fantastic actor, but there is no other character like her, IMO she makes the show,” this person replies. “We were starting to see a softer side to Beth towards the end of season 3 and providing she survives, I think that will continue. I think Jamie will step up to the plate and have his turn at being the vicious one.”

“She’s an amazingly complex character and I find myself often siding with her despite her poor judgment in a lot of cases. Think you’re wrong on this one,” comments this fan.

What’s more, this “Yellowstone” viewer can find similarity with the original poster, but believes that Beth’s hardness provides useful from time to time.

“Absolutely! She has good moments. Like when she helped Kace’s wife in that boutique. But yes, it’s the writing. someone could be just saying hi to her and she would tell them and their mother to get f–ked,” they comment.

For now, Beth will remain one of our favorite characters, but we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in season 4. Until then, read more about “Yellowstone” here.