‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why a Season 4 Casting Call Seemingly Predicts Return of One Character

by Thad Mitchell

Three seasons into the modern western drama and the show has built a strong allegiance of loyal fans. The show’s immense popularity lies in its ability to provide twists and turns at every corner, keeping watchers on the edge of their seats.

There is a ton of mystery surrounding the show as we prepare for what lies ahead in Yellowstone’s fourth season. If the upcoming season is anything like the previous three, you can expect a mountain of surprises in the storyline. With their favorite show on hiatus for the time being, Yellowstone fans are entertaining themselves by investigating previous seasons. Many hope to find clues giving hints about the plot of the upcoming season.

Online community Reddit is loaded with Yellowstone speculation and theories on how the season will play out. Most recently, Reddit user heysustakethewheel got ahold of a casting call for the show with some interesting information.

Yellowstone Casting Call Includes Infant Twins

On the casting sheet, Yellowstone writers call for a set of young twin babies. Specifically they are looking for “Caucasian twins can be boy or girl ages 0-6 months.” The call goes on to say the young child will be needed for only three days later on this year. Online message board and social media users immediately began speculating on why Yellowstone would need an infant actor. While the call is for twins, it is likely they will play a singular role on the show.

Many believe the infant could be the child of Jamie Dutton and his ex-girlfriend/campaign manager Christina. This particular storyline wasn’t much of a factor in season three. Instead, Jamie’s focus shifted to his family once finding out about his adoption. Bringing Christina back into the fold would be an interesting move. In a previous season she tells Jamie that he will eventually have to choose between his father, John Dutton, and starting his on family. Adding a child into the mix could certainly up the drama to Jamie’s future life choices. As season three ends, the adoptive Dutton appears to be at a crossroads after meeting his biological father, Garrett Randall.

Another entertaining theory surrounding the call for an infant is that the baby could actually be Jamie. In this speculative narrative, flashbacks to Jamie’s infancy would show viewers how he came to be a member of the Dutton family. Jamie certainly seems to have had a rough first few months of his life. His father kills his drug addict mother when Jamie is just a few months old — or at least that is what his father says. Perhaps revisiting Jamie’s world before Yellowstone will provide insight into his motivations.

While there is simply no way to tell if either of these theories will hash out, it is a lot of fun to speculate. Yellowstone fans are feigning for answers and will soon get them with season four inching closer by the day.