‘Yellowstone’: Why You Shouldn’t Be Shocked If Gov. Perry Is Behind Dutton Attacks

by Jon D. B.

While John Dutton and Governor Lynell Perry are lovers on the surface, Yellowstone has laid the groundwork for her to end him if she wishes.

Don’t just take our word for it, either. The ever-active Yellowstone board on Reddit is alight Monday with fans combing the evidence. In fact, one Redditor, Ok-Faithlessness8646, believes they have it set in stone. Let’s dive in.

‘The Role of Governor Lynell Perry’

Right off the bat, Faithlessness asks: “How many times can you tell that it is Lynell that is pulling John’s strings?” Through several re-watches, the Redditor believes “It was Governor Lynell who instructed Christine to separate Jamie from the Family by taking his phones.”

According to the Yellowstone fan, “That started the initial rejection of Jamie by John. IMO Lynelle wanted that, so she could end John’s domination in the Valley.”

It’s a powerful theory, but one that does hold weight. Remember, by the end of Season 3, John no longer has his lawyer son, Jamie, completely under his thumb. And u/Ok-Faithlessness8646 believes this to be by Gov. Perry’s design. In addition, the Redditor cites Lynell confronting John and asking him to resign.

Yet as frequent Yellowstone Redditor iheartsev notes: “Do we know that it was the governor who told Christine to take Jamie’s phone?”

Other fans ping in on this one. It’s another excellent question that makes or breaks this theory. Thankfully, another user may hold the answer; one that does indeed take place in Yellowstone Season 2:

“I don’t think she schemes to have Christina take Jamie’s phone,” replies u/AmericanWanderlust. “But Christina does say to Jamie after John has thrown him out of the house that “your father’s leverage over the governor is not what you think. She isn’t supporting you to appease your father; she’s doing it to control him.”

Will ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 See Gov. Perry Responsible for ‘Neutering’ John Dutton Once and For All?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

But none of this means anything if John Dutton catches even a whiff of betrayal by the governor, does it? As u/AnnaNonna perfectly states, “Whatever involvement the Governor may have, I believe John is prepared to handle. I’d bet he has a file on the Governor that would not only silence her but cause her major legal problems.”

Fact. Redditor iheartsev doubles down on this, furthering that Gov. Perry could take down JD if she chooses. “But he’d take her down right alongside of him.”

As Sev states, “We know about that one crooked case when someone was trying to annex 30,000 acres of the ranch and she refused to even let the eminent domain issue come to a vote. She and John set that whole thing up beforehand, and there were no doubt many similar ‘deals’ between them over the years.”

In the end, if this is the route Gov. Perry chooses, it’ll undoubtedly be “Mutually assured destruction if either of them tries to bring down the other.”

We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds come November 7 for the two-episode premiere of Yellowstone Season 4; which is exactly what Gov. Lynell Perry actress Wendy Moniz is urging fans to ‘hang tight’ for.