‘Yellowstone’ TV Wishes Fans ‘Merry Rip-Was’ with Rip Wheeler Inspired Video

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Paramount Network’s show “Yellowstone” might be yelling “How sweet it is!” after seeing Rip Wheeler turned into a tasty treat.

The TV show shared a video on Twitter of a cookie made by the Sweethart Baking Experiment representing actor Cole Hauser’s character.

In fact, the entire creative effort is shown from beginning to end. Take a look.

On the show, Hauser plays Wheeler, who is a ranch hand on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Rip Wheeler Is Heart And Soul Of Dutton Ranch

There’s little doubt that Wheeler’s tough exterior has helped the Dutton family survive tough situations. Obviously, Hauser’s acting abilities have a way of keeping the tough edge alive.

In preparing to take on the role of the tough-as-nails cowboy, Hauser says that he looks to one of his cast members, Kevin Costner.

“There’s definitely stuff that I’ve watched him do and thought, ‘Oh, that’s a nice way of approaching it,’” Hauser said during an interview with Decider. “I’ve been doing this for a very long time but I try not to be stuck in my ways. I study and I work. I want to come to the set with ideas of my own. Kevin, though, is someone I definitely look up to. I’ve been watching him from afar since I was probably five years old. He’s one of those great actors that has done so much, especially in this genre. He’s really laid down some of the best work in Westerns in the last 50 years.”

Could Rip And Kayce Team Up In ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

Given the Season 3 finale cliffhanger, fans are desperately trying to theorize what show runner Taylor Sheridan has in store for Season 4. One theory, in particular, revolves around Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Hauser’s Rip Wheeler.

There’s some speculation among fans as to whether or not Rip and Kayce Dutton will put aside their differences and help save the Dutton Ranch. They don’t always see eye to eye, even coming to blows at several points.

Seeing that Rip, and potentially Kayce, may be the main characters left standing as the third season ended, they might not have a choice but to join forces and avenge their family. Learn more about the theory here.

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