‘Yellowstone TV’s Ryan Bingham Reveals Jeff Bridges Has ‘That Songwriter Soul’ During ‘Crazy Heart’ Jam Session

by Jon D. B.

In another fantastic segment from his #nfp Podcast interview, “Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham sings the praises of his “Crazy Heart” cohort, the one and only Jeff Bridges.

With the hosts of 3D Entertainment’s #nfp Podcast setting up some top questions, Ryan Bingham’s March 25 interview leads to brilliant nuggets from the “Yellowstone” actor and musician‘s life, work, and career. Pro athlete and main host Tanner Byrne leads the way, and at the 48-minute mark, “Crazy Heart” enters the fray.

“The big break! You feel like it was ‘Crazy Heart’?” Byrne asks. “Was that a turning point for your life and your career?”

“That definitely sealed the deal,” Bingham replies. The “Walker” actor had some friends in high places, and reveals that a “buddy” of his was working for an LA studio at the time. Through him, Bingham got the call to work on “Crazy Horse.” Alongside Scott Cooper, the film’s director, Bingham had quite a few admirers of his latest work.

Through it all, the future “Yellowstone” star would end up writing “The Weary Kind,” his record-smashing headliner for “Crazy Horse.” The song would win Ryan Bingham the “triple crown”: his Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe wins for “Best Song.” As it turns out, it’d win him the chance to write and perform music with Hollywood icon Jeff Bridges, too.

‘Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Meets Jeff Bridges for the First Time

Before it all, however, Bingham was still feeling a bit of a “nobody.” Once the song was written, he simply planned on mailing a copy to Scott Cooper. The director had other plans, though.

Instead, Cooper invited Bingham to bring his “Weary Kind” recording over to legendary record producer T Bone Burnette’s house in LA.

Ryan’s jaw would immediately hit the floor upon entering. Sitting around Burnette’s living room with Cooper were faces he’d never thought he’d see off the big screen: Robert Duvall and Jeff Bridges. ‘Crazy Heart’s biggest stars would welcome Bingham in with open arms.

“It was just a house full of people talkin’ about this song,” Ryan says with the excitement still in his voice. “T Bone went right over to the stereo and put the CD on right then and there… I ’bout had a heart attack ’cause I had just recorded it in my f***ing garage, you know?” he laughs.

After “The Weary Kind” took a spin, the future ‘Yellowstone’ star says “everyone kind of stopped.”

“That’s it. That’s our song,” Burnette would reply – before asking Ryan to play the song for everyone acoustically.

‘He’s definitely got that songwriter soul…”

Bingham, of course, obliged the producer – having no idea what was to come of it. Before he knew it, Ryan spent “all afternoon” at the producer’s home writing songs with Jeff Bridges.

“He’s a great musician and guitar player,” Bingham lauds of Bridges and their session to #nfp. “He’s definitely got that songwriter soul. And a very, very good person, too. Out of that whole experience, he was one of the nicest guys. Would always take time out of his day to come and say ‘hello,’ and even gave me help with the acting [aspect of ‘Crazy Heart’].”

What a story. What a film. Watch ‘Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham perform his multi-award-winning “Crazy Horse” headliner, “The Weary Kind,’ below: