‘Yellowstone’: Watch Beth Dutton Impart Some Life Lessons on Finn Little’s Carter

by Leanne Stahulak

This past week on “Yellowstone,” fans saw a little more tension in the growing relationship between Beth and Carter.

Beth and Rip decided to take Carter in, and Beth wanted to buy the 14-year-old some new clothes for working on the ranch. Carter threw a fit in the clothing store, leading to a physical and verbal altercation between him and Beth.

But in the car on the way home, Beth gave Carter some wise life advice. She wants him to understand this “universal truth” so that situations like what happened in the store don’t happen again. The official “Yellowstone” Twitter account shared a snippet of their conversation earlier today with one of Beth’s iconic quotes: “You learn, you fail. Learn more, fail more. And don’t let anyone outwork you, ever.”

“Look, I’m gonna tell you something, and it’s a universal truth,” Beth starts out in the clip. “Doesn’t matter where you live, man or woman. It is as true today as it was 1,000 f—–g years ago.”

She says that if Carter wants to get rich and buy nice things, there are only four ways to do it.

“One, inherit it. That ain’t happening for you,” Beth lists off. “Two, you steal it. You do not have, my friend, the patience, the power, or quite honestly the intellect to steal anything of substance and keep it.”

Then Beth gets to the crux of her life lessons that she really hopes Carter takes to heart.

“Three, work really, really f—–g hard, okay? You learn, you fail. Learn more, fail more. And don’t let anyone outwork you, ever,” the “Yellowstone” character concludes. That’s something Carter can definitely focus on, hopefully in the coming episodes.

So What is Beth’s Fourth Way to Get Rich on ‘Yellowstone?’

Eventually, Carter asks her about the fourth option. And even though he’s only 14, Beth is brutally honest about it.

“Learn how to suck a d— like you lost your car keys in it,” Beth tells him with a straight face. After a pause, Carter quips back with, “Is that how you got rich?”

If anyone else had said that to Beth, she likely would have snapped back with a scathing reply that roasted the crap out of them. But when Carter smiles and laughs a little, Beth just nods and says, “Alright.” Maybe the kid is softening her up a little bit.

Several fans got a kick out of Beth’s rules for life, commenting on the “Yellowstone” post.

“I learned a lot from professor Beth this episode lol,” Twitter user Kayla Jones wrote.

“I always love how Beth explains her rules,” another fan named Susan-Ann Summers said.

And one other fan looked ahead toward the future. “Can’t wait to see their relationship grow.”