‘Yellowstone’: Who Was the Real ‘Villain’ of Season 4?

by Liz Holland

“Yellowstone” wrapped up Season 4 this week, and fans of the show are buzzing. 

Warning: “Yellowstone” Season 4 spoilers ahead! 

The finale was certainly a whirlwind, with no dull moment in sight. The episode opens with Rip waking up in bed alone, and it’s only more exciting from there. 

Thankfully, John Dutton and his daughter Beth find common ground after their fight. In a previous episode, John kicked Beth off the ranch after she encouraged Summer to punch a cop. It was a move that landed Summer in some serious trouble. John went to Summer’s rescue but ultimately put the blame on Beth for inciting her to do such a thing. Beth gets ready to make some bold moves, but I’ll spare those details for now. 

The real question fans are asking is, who was this season’s villain, really? It seems there’s some debate amongst those who watch the show. “Yellowstone” fans who made it through the Season 4 finale took to Reddit to discuss their thoughts on the season as a whole. 

“Yellowstone” Watchers Weigh in Online

Reddit user AmericanWanderlust asks fellow fans of the show, “Is Jamie supposed to be the villain?” According to the poster, they believe the show’s writer, Taylor Sheridan, intended it that way. However, they’re not totally convinced that’s how it should be. “ I don’t get it in the slightest,” the Redditor writes. “If anything, I root for him because he’s an underdog. Villains are vicious and conniving. Jamie’s just weak and sad….. IMHO, the villains are John and Beth. Anti-heroes don’t even really begin to describe them anymore. They (or certainly Beth) are on character trajectories like Walter White. Won’t end well.”

One fellow fan offers an interesting perspective, proposing that there actually is no clear-cut villain to pin it all on. DaBetterILkmyDawg writes, “Not certain that there is any one villain.” The user elaborates, “Only people with strengths, weaknesses and how they handle them. Granted, some of their weaknesses are horrific by standards in the real world. In John Dutton’s mind at least, the villains are ones that get in the Duttons’ way or try to harm/kill the Duttons.”

Several Fans Say There Is No Clear Villain

Another fan seems to be in agreement that Jamie isn’t much of a villain. Redditor Sweetpeapickle says of the original posters’ question, “Not really.” They add, “Everything he does, he does for the approval of someone: John, his siblings, ranch hands, his baby mama….even in office, it would be the people. Even when he does something, he thinks it is for the good of someone else, ie Beth & having her stertilized. He thought it would be better for the family no matter how outrageous it was. Never occured to him, she would care. He still doesn’t seem to understand. Which is interesting considering how his upbringing basically has stunted him. But they are opposite ends of the spectrum with what they have done to compensate. She’s a beast, & he whimpers.”

Other users chimed in, agreeing with each other that there’s no one cut and dry villain. What do you think? Was there a true villain in “Yellowstone” season 4? Who do you think? Share your thoughts with us via the official Outsider social media channels– we’d love to hear from you!