‘Yellowstone’s Biggest Mystery Has to Be How Jamie Was Involved in the Attacks

by Thad Mitchell

We are growing closer to the return of “Yellowstone” and fans of the show are getting in their last-minute theories.

Of all the characters residing on “Yellowstone,” perhaps none is more complex than Jamie Dutton. Played wonderfully by veteran actor Wes Bentley, Jamie has been on a roller coaster ride since the first season. His political aspirations often put him at odds with his adopted father, John Dutton. While the two men don’t see eye to eye on some things, it is clear that they respect and love one another. When Jamie took a shotgun out to the middle of nowhere with the intention of taking his own life, it was John who talked him down. John also welcomed Jamie back to the Yellowstone Ranch, allowing him to work and live in the bunkhouse while sorting things out. Jamie craves his father’s approval though it comes with a price — protecting the ranch at all costs.

A third season revelation shook “Yellowstone” to its core as Jamie learns that he was adopted by the Dutton as an infant. He seeks out and finds his biological father, Garrett Randall, who seemingly suggests that he do away with John Dutton. Now, “Yellowstone” fans are pondering Jamie’s role in the attack on the Dutton family. There are a couple of different ways Jamie Dutton’s story could unfold in the fourth season. He is a prime suspect in the ambush against his adopted father, sister, and brother.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Point the Finger at Jamie Dutton

Jamie’s involvement in the attack, or lack thereof, will be a big storyline in the new “Yellowstone” season. He’s one of the few characters sitting on the fence and his actions could go either way. It is why Jamie is such a tough character to figure out as opposed to other characters who are on one side of the offense or the other.

If Jamie is involved in the Dutton family attacks, it seems logical that he’s sided with Randall or even Market Equities. As we saw toward the end of season three, Jamie has seemingly grown tired of his father’s stubbornness. He wants John to accept the offer made by Market Equities, which is for $500 million. In a season three meeting, Jamie urges his father to accept the deal before the “Yellowstone” property is claimed by another entity. Could Jami side with the Market Equities team in an effort to overthrow John Dutton? It seems like that could be a feasible possibility.

While we don’t know how just yet, it is a good bet that Jamie is involved in the attack on his adoptive family. Following this storyline looks to be a big part of the season four equation.

“Yellowstone ” will premiere its fourth and latest season on November 7. Fans are hoping we will finally get answers to these questions and more