‘Yellowstone’s Hassie Harrison Actually Stars in Two Hit TV Shows Currently

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” star Hassie Harrison is going to be a very busy woman in the near future as she has not one — but two hit shows.

On “Yellowstone,” Hassie Harrison plays “buckle bunny” and barrel racer Laramie. Introduced in the third season of the show, Laramie is the cause of some building drama inside the bunkhouse. The blonde beauty made herself right at home inside the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse alongside her friend and fellow buckle bunny, Mia. She immediately took up with ranch hand Lloyd, despite him being several decades her senior. They do make a cute couple though and many watchers would like to see that relationship play out a little longer.

Hassie Harrison also stars in another popular television show, Comedy Central’s “Tacoma FD.” The comedy series follows the wacky antics of a small fire department in Tacoma, Washington. Harrison plays Lucy McConkey on the hilarious series. Lucy is the lone female firefighter in the department but can more than hold her own. She often joins in on the hijinx put on by her colleagues. Tacoma FD was just renewed for a fourth season and the “Yellowstone” star is thrilled as she shares in her most recent social media post.

“We’re coming back hot y’all!” she says in the Instagram post. “Just got picked up for a new season of Tacoma FD! Thank you to all the fans who support the show — we wouldn’t be here without you. More laughs to come!”

Everyone is looking forward to a brand new season of the hit comedy series that has grown in popularity since the first season.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Talks Up New Season

Like other stars of the show have said, Harrison says she can’t wait to see fan reactions to the upcoming new season. Some fans would like to see Laramie get a little more screen time in season four and they may just get their wish. It will be interesting to see how her season four storylines play out and if she will continue causing drama on the ranch.

The last we see of Laramie is in the third season. She is crawling out of ranch hand Walker’s bed, to Lloyd’s dismay. Now, we have a little “Yellowstone” love triangle going on. This is a storyline we want to see more of in season four.

Laramie and Mia had thoughts of leaving the bunkhouse last season. They decide to stay when the latter takes a liking to Walker. From the season four trailers, both buckle bunnies appear to still be on the ranch to begin the new season. This could put their lives in great danger as there is expected to be an attack on the ranch to begin new episodes.

“Yellowstone” will premiere its fourth season this Sunday.