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You Can Now Buy AMC Movie Theater Popcorn in Supermarkets

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

(This first part sounds a lot cooler if you read it in an intercom voice, okay? Thanks for participating) Attention shoppers and movie snack lovers: we’ve got your new grocery staple on Aisle 6. And what’s that, you may ask? Movie theater popcorn. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t evolved to the point that we can share smells through the screen yet. So, you’ll just have to put that Outsider imagination to use again and pretend we’re all surrounded by wafts of that sweet and salty, buttery goodness we all know and love.

AMC announced they’re expanding business by taking their popcorn sales a lot more seriously. They plan on releasing a full line of items in both supermarkets and malls across the nation. And you won’t believe how much the global popcorn industry is already valued at.

AMC Expands Their Empire With New Movie Theater Popcorn Venture

Billions. Yes, billions. That’s the most recent estimate for the booming global popcorn trade. Experts think that number will only expand in the coming years, especially if other cinematic businesses take after AMC. One report actually puts the 2028 estimates upwards of $6 billion.

AMC currently stands as the nation’s biggest movie theater chain and considers this new business venture a “natural extension of AMC’s core business.” Although they did not specify an exact date, the company disclosed that their supermarket popcorn will hit shelves sometime next year.

In addition to pre-packaged popcorn, AMC plans to capitalize on microwavable kernels as well. Additionally, they’re considering partnering with an undisclosed repertoire of delivery services so customers can order their buttery snacks directly from a nearby AMC location.

Pop(corn) Quiz

Let’s mix things up a little bit with an Outsider pop(corn) quiz. The winner gets bragging rights, of course.

1) Where does AMC actually source its popcorn? A. The South B. The East C. The Midwest

If you guessed “C,” you’d be correct. AMC’s website discloses that the “Perfectly Popcorn” only comes from crops grown and “harvested with care” in the following states: Missouri, Nebraska, and Illinois.

2) How much popcorn does AMC actually pop each day? A. 1-5 tons B. 6-10 tons C. 11+ tons

Again, “C” would be the correct answer here. AMC actually pops the most popcorn out of any theater franchise. Their website says they pop over 35 tons of kernels a day.

3) How many bags of popcorn does AMC sell annually? A. 22 million B. 52 million C. 82 million

If you guessed “C” again for the final question, that would, unfortunately, be incorrect. AMC says it sells around 52 million bags of popcorn each year, making B the correct answer.

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