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You Could Own a Massive Former Air Force Base: How Much It Costs

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Bob Campbell/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

For many people, buying a piece of land and settling down is a goal. Right now, the housing market isn’t great. However, there are still some great buys on the market. For instance, you can own a former Air Force Base in South Dakota for less than a million dollars. The property boasts 50 beds, 15 bathrooms, and sits on over 40 acres of land.

Right now, you can own the base that was once called Gettysburg Air Force Station. According to Aberdeen News, the installation was a radar station from 1956 to 1968. It was one of 28 radar surveillance bases used by the US military. The base is currently inactive. However, the Federal Aviation Administration still operates a radar site on the property.

 Currently, Lev Goukassian owns the Air Force base. He’s a retired businessman and California resident. Before retiring, he decided against putting his money in the stock market like some of his peers. Instead, Goukassian invested in real estate. He purchased several pieces of property across the country. Now, he’s playing with the idea of getting a return on his investment.

If you want to own an Air Force base, now is the time to act. Goukassian has changed the price on the listing several times. Originally, he listed the property for just under a million dollars. Then, Aberdeen News reports, he bumped the price up to $4.5 million. At the time of writing, the property could be yours for $950,000. Additionally, Goukassian is offering owner financing.

Make This Former Air Force Base Your Own

If you want to own the Air Force Base, you’ll also have to do some upkeep. According to the listing, it has been vacant for quite some time. However, the buildings in the complex were made to last. Their thick concrete block construction has stood the test of time. From the photos, it looks like the base just needs some general maintenance and some tender loving care.

If you buy the Air Force base, you won’t have to worry about doing your own electrical work. All of the buildings are still wired for power. Additionally, the base features underground water storage tanks and its own wastewater lagoon. If storing water in underground tanks sounds dicey, you could always connect to the local rural water supply.

This piece of property comes with some other interesting features. For instance, an underground tunnel leads from the main building to the front gate. Even as an adult, having an underground tunnel sounds great and kids are sure to love it. On top of that, the base is less than a mile away from the local middle and elementary schools. So, potential buyers with kids are in luck.