You Had One Job: Delaware DOT Misspells ‘Delaware’ on Highway Sign

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Did the Delaware DOT save some time by misspelling “Delaware” on an interstate highway sign recently?

Well, you never really know, but social media folks quickly pointed out the mistake prompting the DOT to admit the error and confirm a replacement was on the way. At the same time, it lightly chided lots of distracted drivers who were “texting and taking photos” on the mistake. 

Sure, folks make mistakes, and nobody’s perfect, but this is pretty wild. Sadly, if the feds can’t spell the word of their state correctly, what else will they get wrong.

Sign Mistake Corrected

The Delaware Department of Transportation and its contractor Kiewit Infrastructure Company put up the lousy sign for Delaware Avenue off Interstate 95. The sign went up in the state’s largest city, Wilmington.

According to Jalopnik, when social media got ahold of the sign, the jokes came flying faster than traffic down that particular road.

Matthew Weldon Gelber posted on the DOT’s Facebook post, saying, “It’s a small state. I just assumed the name was smaller too.”

Both transportation agencies said that particular sign was temporary as workers had closed the exit for construction. They claimed that the exit’s construction would finish quickly, and the hastily-made sign was a rush job. 

But it’s not the first time there’s been scrutiny over signs in Delaware. Two years ago, a woman took to Twitter to chastise the Delaware DOT for having interstate signs along the same stretch of road spelled two different ways. The 12th Street exit had signs spelling Twelfth out and abbreviating it. 

Yeah, it’s a style thing, but still, any driver could have a brain fart and read one sign one way and the other sign another. It’s all about simplicity.

Texas Interstate Sign Has A Mistake

In Houston this past April, one interstate sign had “Arline Drive” instead of the correct “Airline Drive” sign on it.

ABC 13 said the misspelling had been there for weeks before correction.

A spokesperson for TxDOT told the news station that an investigation was underway about how procedures meant to ensure accuracy failed in this case. In the same news story, ABC13 brought up another botched sign.

A 2020 sign flipped two letters on a Guadalupe River sign near Cuero, spelling it “Gaudalupe.”

The Texas DOT responded humorously, saying, “Thank u fer brengin this too our attension. Were gunna fix it as soon as posibul!”

According to one traffic sign cost estimator Richard C. Moeur, these aluminum sign panels can be $30 to $40 a square foot.