Young Couple Dresses and Live Like They’re in the 1930s: ‘Present in the Moment’

by Shelby Scott

To be present is a modern concept that lots of people struggle with. This is especially true here in 2021. Phones and social media tend to captivate people’s attention more than their family, friends, or immediate surroundings. However, one couple has chosen to shirk modern conveniences and amenities to live life in the era of the 1930s.

According to the New York Post, the British couple Ruth Shelley and Robert Oestmann have transported themselves and their lifestyle back to a time rooted in the 1930s. This includes everything from the car they drive to the clothes they wear to the way they listen to music. However, they both possess one modern amenity and that is the unavoidable cellular device.

However, the young couple lives the rest of their lives tuned out modernity. The news outlet explained that Shelley practices as a research historian and that she and her partner love history.

“This style isn’t something you could wear if you are shy,” Shelley insisted, “as we do get stared at a lot.” According to Shelley, the elderly love seeing the couple out and about as it provides them a kind of flashback to their youth. Others frequently stop to ask the couple for photos, and Shelley said they don’t typically mind.

“Robert and I dress like this all of the time,” she shared, “as we are in love with the style.” Oestmann typically wears a suit and flat cap according to Shelley, while she prefers to outfit herself in styles ranging from the 30s and 40s.

Oestmann and Shelley Have Embraced Simple Joys of the 1930s

We are no doubt very lucky to have such a wide variety of modern entertainment. However, Oestmann and Shelley enjoy the simple amenities that their 1930s lifestyle provides them. According to the article, the pair owns a vintage car. They have also decorated their home to match their vintage taste.

The article further shared that they don’t watch TV and the only music they listen to comes from wartimes, played directly through a gramophone. While modern couples use their downtime to scroll on Facebook and things of that nature, Shelley and Oestmann spend their leisure time dancing and listening to music, going on walks or riding bikes, and frequently trying out new recipes.

Of the couple, Oestmann serves as designated cook and he said that he most frequently enjoys making a “Depression-era” meatloaf, which includes tomato soup in its recipe. While I enjoy a good meatloaf, anything prefixed by the term “Depression-era” has a way of discouraging my interest. Perhaps it’s just that it makes the meatloaf sound depressing, rather than coming from a recipe in a bygone time.

Nevertheless, Oestmann also shared where his interest in the 1930s, and not just its meatloaf, came from. “As a kid, my grandparents used to watch a lot of old films,” he said. “They were inspirational.”

Additionally, he remarked on modern clothing and style, taking issue with the structure of modern clothing. “I didn’t…like the sound modern synthetic clothes make when I was walking. Our wardrobe is unique and different to today’s extremely casual.”

Nevertheless, he didn’t take issue with us modern and casual folk as he said, “There is nothing wrong with casual, but it’s not for me.”