Yuengling Beer Now Officially Available in Texas Stores: ‘The Wait Is Over’

by Madison Miller

If you’re living in Texas and have been waiting to get your hands on the oldest brew in the U.S., your time has come.

Yuengling beer is now available to purchase in Texas. The brewing company has said they were expanding their operations. The company proceeded to make its first Yuengling delivery in San Antonio. This is the 23rd state the beer brand has expanded to.

The Yuengling Operation

Yuengling was founded in 1829 and is the oldest brewery in the U.S. (official by the National Register of Historic Places) as it celebrates 191 years of good brews and loyal customers. You can find the brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania on West Mahatongo Street. The original location actually burned down in a fire just a few years after the brewery opened.

D.G. Yuengling & Son was the passion project of a German immigrant, David G. Yuengling. To this day, the brewing company is family-owned and run by the sixth generation of Yuenglings.

The Yuengling location is nestled between a mountain and a stream, which is perfect for any beer-making company. It is also right next to an Irish Catholic Church. Loyal churchgoers always stream in on Sundays for a cold beer following their visit to church.

In many ways, Yuengling is a foamy part of history. It’s also a delicacy over in Pennsylvania and a major go-to spot for tourists. If you visit the brewery, you’ll notice it’s actually on the side of a mountain. As you sip that original lager, you’re able to take in the gorgeous East coast views.

At the base of their operation are some caves, which sit at a temperature of mid-50s. These caves are also an excellent way to store fresh keg.

Yuengling Beer Gets Warm Texas Welcome

The historical beer is getting a loving welcome from the Texan community. In fact on Instagram, fans of Yuengling are begging for the beer to also migrate to their states, such as Washington, Kansas, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

One person eagerly wrote, “Woot! It’s about da*n time!!” Posters are all around Texas bars hailing slogans like “the eagle has landed” and “we’re bringing the goods to Texas.”

As for what these goods are specifically, the launch includes the brewery’s four core beers — the Traditional lager, Flight by Yuengling, Light Lager 99, and Golden Pilsner. According to the Houston Chronicle, in order to get to Texas, a brand new entity was created known as The Yuengling Company. This is a partnership between D.G. Yuengling & Son as well as Molson Coors Beverage Co. This popular beer company will brew out of the Forth Worth facility.

The beer will be available in 40,000 different venues by the end of 2021. “We’ve got such a loyal following, we’re really quite humbled by that. We sometimes view ourselves as a small Pennsylvania brewery, but we really do have a long reach,” a Yuengling representative said to the news outlet.