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Zodiac Killer Cold Case Team Finds Evidence ‘Goldmine’: Report

by Shelby Scott
San Francisco: This is a copy of the white envelope in which the latest Zodiac letter was mailed to Attorney Melvin Belli. It contained an emotional appeal for help from the cryptograph murderer who has been linked to five murders in the San Francisco area and claims he is responsible for three others. The letter also contained a bloodstained piece of shirt torn form one of Zodiac's victims. Belli, in Germany where he is attending a seminar of attorneys, issued an appeal to Zodiac to contact him and advise how he could help. Zodiac's letter indicated he was "losing control" and might take his 9th and 10th victims.

As America’s most famous unsolved murder caser, it appears investigators have taken a step forward in solving the mystery. Reports state a Zodiac Killer cold case team has just uncovered potential evidence “goldmine,” possibly ID’ing the killer.

Following his death in 2018, investigators put together a collection of evidence linking the murders to suspect, Gary Francis Poste. The cold case team has since continued to pursue evidence linking Poste to the killings. Their search into the individual began last spring. However, multiple police and state agencies did not initially accept the information.

Regardless, the cold case team has endured in its investigation following the Zodiac Killer. As such, their efforts have turned up significant clues. The team’s leader, Thomas J. Colbert, has pursued the case and headed the investigators over the last ten years. According to Fox News, Colbert received a tip from “long-time sources” who reside in the remote town which previously housed Poste.

Specialists on the team stated Saturday, “They had verified the existence of an evidentiary goldmine.”

According to the outlet, prior to Poste’s death in 2018, the suspect quietly gave away his collection of weapons and ammo as gifts. He supposedly distributed these “gifts” among his favorite locals, although, most have remained untouched since.

Prior to the evidentiary discovery, Case Breakers announced they had identified Poste as the Zodiac Killer in October. The killer is believed responsible for at least five murders that took place in California between 1968 and ’69.

Zodiac Killer Possessed Unique Serial Killer Traits

For those unfamiliar with the specifics of the Zodiac Killer cold case, be sure to read on. As stated above, the murder case stars as America’s most famous cold case. Because of this, interest and stories surrounding the decades-long investigation have sprung up. Now, contemporary popular culture has taken a special interest in the Zodiac Killer.

As we know, the Zodiac Killer claimed responsibility for the murders of at least five individuals which took place in the late 1960s. The murders took place more specifically within the San Fransisco area.

However, what makes the Zodiac Killers’ process unique is that, unlike most serial killers who endeavor to cover their tracks and remain consistently silent, he instead chose to taunt authorities. According to Fox, the murderer submitted complex ciphers in letters to both newspapers and authorities. While five individual murders have been officially attributed to the Zodiac, the killer claimed responsibility for a much larger total of 37.

Now, as investigators continue to follow the trail of evidence, the FBI has announced the cold case remains open despite new findings. Specifically, the agency stated, “The FBI’s investigation into the Zodiac Killer remains open and unsolved.”

Additionally, the agency provided no further information out of respect for the families and the status of the case alike.