Zodiac Killer: FBI Weighs in on Cold Case Investigators’ New Theory on Possible Suspect

by Madison Miller

After 51 years of stumping law enforcement, journalists, and civilians, is the Zodiac Killer case finally solved?

The Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California during the late 1960s. He was thought to have killed at least five people in the San Francisco Bay Area, although the number of victims could be even higher.

The killer sent letters or cards to local newspapers that contained cryptograms or ciphers. Many of these cryptic puzzles seem to have no solution. In March, the 340 Cipher was solved, but it contained no name or real evidence to draw any conclusions in the case.

FBI and Local Authorities React to Zodiac Killer Case News

Now, a team of investigators called the Case Breakers think they’ve solved the case for one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. They believe it was Gary Francis Poste that went on a killing spree, sent those letters, and evaded law enforcement his entire life. He passed away in 2018.

The group says that they found physical evidence that connects this man to the Zodiac Killer profile. According to USA Today, these theories and this individual have not yet been endorsed by official authorities as of now. The FBI is saying that the case is still “open,” meaning these theories have not yet caused authorities to stamp the case with a big red “solved” stamp yet.

In fact, many law enforcement officers are very skeptical about the evidence and conclusions from the Case Breakers. The San Francisco Chronicle, which is actually the newspaper that the Zodiac Killer sent countless letters to, reported that local law enforcement is having a hard time seeing these connections. Specifically, that the group’s suspect was responsible for a specific murder in Riverside, California.

“Is there a chance that (the Case Breakers suspect) killed Cheri Jo Bates? No. If you read what they (the Case Breakers) put out, it’s all circumstantial evidence. It’s not a whole lot,” Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback said to the news outlet.

Garnering Attention on Social Media

Although many are disputing the evidence and claims from the Case Breakers, it’s all opened up old wounds. Although the case has been open all these years it’s getting a wave of new media attention.

Media attention has been the key to the case from the very beginning. The killer has connections to five definite murders. He admits to close to 30 more as well.

Additionally, there were two survivors that the Zodiac Killer did not finish off. They both provided descriptions, which is how the public has that eery sketch of the man in glasses that continues to circulate. The Case Breakers believe that Gary Francis Poste even had the same scar on his forehead that appeared in drawings of the killer.

Social media has been lighting up since Wednesday with people sharing theories and jokes related to the situation. One person noted that the killer likely enjoyed getting to see the case become so popular. It’s “crazy to think that the actual zodiac killer could have gone to see Zodiac in theaters in 2007.”

The movie in question is “Zodiac,” directed by David Fincher.