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Brand Mission

by Jameson Brown

Outsider is a place for everyday Americans to find a common ground; to connect over the culture, music, and media that brings us together.

There’s nothing political about hard work and family. There’s no social agenda behind popping the tailgate that always seems to stick, or a little bit of dirt under your fingernails. There’s nothing controversial about campfires, cold beer, and a few good songs. Our country was built by an adventurous spirit, a love for the outdoors, and a never-say-die attitude that we all share deep in our souls. So, why are we divided?

There are people who want us Americans to believe that we’re more different than we are alike. We’re being pushed and prodded to the edges of our society, forced to forget the things that brought us together in the first place. It’s time for the manipulation of the masses to come to an end. It’s time for a different kind of movement.

At Outsider, we’re leading a charge to the far middle. We’re behind a battle cry that calls for unity, not division, for all of us to recognize the values and traditions we share and take those values and traditions to new, exciting places. We’re tired of being overlooked, so we’re creating a blank page, to celebrate the culture, music, and media that brings us all together.

This blank page can be whatever you want it to be. As an Outsider, what you see, hear, and do is entirely up to you; we’re just giving it a place to live. So, we invite you to join us. Pack a bag and hit the road to somewhere you’ve never been, and we’ll come along. Cast a line, set a hook. We’ll be there too. Take a good friend for a long hike, and we’ll see you at the trailhead. There’s no entry fee. The only requirement is an adventurous spirit, an open mind, and plenty of room for one more.

At the top of the icon, the sun sets embodying life and energy. The downward arrow represents both peace and water, the coolness of which complements the sun’s heat. Together they offer protection, healing, and sustenance, while the balance of water and fire stands for equity and faith. The sun, arrow, and water are forged to form a location symbol, signaling an Outsider’s quest for purposeful adventure.