1-Year-Old Child Survives Alone in Forest Full of Wolves, Bears for Multiple Nights

by Amy Myers

If this one-year-old child managed to survive three days alone in a forest in Russia, we can’t wait to see what adventures she’ll take when she gets older. A true Outsider at heart, 22-month-old Lyuda Kuzina decided to go camping sans any equipment (or help from her understandably frightened mother) near Obninsk in Smolensk region of Russia. According to local officials, the area in which rescuers found Kuzina is a common spot for wolves and bears. Thankfully, the child managed to survive the several days alone in the forest without any injury, save for a few dozen bug bites. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise us if she led her own pack of wolves by now.

Of course, we are relieved and thrilled that Kuzina is with her nuclear physicist mother, who remains nameless. Had it not been for the efforts of a large local rescue team, this story might have a much more tragic ending instead of a triumphant one. More than 500 searchers joined the effort to find the toddler, and they fanned out across the wooded region full of wildlife in the hopes of finding her unharmed. After a while, the sentiment of the group turned from optimistic to dismayed. No one had found the child alone in the forest. And with the edge of the woods being two-and-a-half miles from Kuzina’s home, surely, there were concerns that the search wouldn’t be successful.

Child ‘Snuggled’ Rescuers After Three Days Alone in Forest

Just when hopes were low, one group heard a soft, yet distinct sound that ended the long and exhaustive search for the child alone in the forest.

“One of the groups stopped to rest after searching for a long time, and suddenly they heard a faint squeak,” a spokesman for SALVAR rescue group told The Sun.

Sure enough, there was the little Kuzina, riding on the back of a bear.

Okay, not really. But we’d like to believe that if the toddler ran into a wild sow, she’d become the new favorite cub. After all, there are many full-grown adults that come out of three days in the forest in much worse condition than this child.

Once found, Kuzina happily greeted her team of searchers.

“Lyuda immediately stretched out her thin arms and snuggled tightly to her rescuers,” the spokesman shared. Of course, no one held her tighter than her mother, anxiously waiting at the treeline.

“She was weak, bitten all over by insects, but most importantly she was alive,” rescuers reported.

Even though she didn’t show any visible injury, a medical team still transported her to the local hospital to receive fluids and examinations. So far, the young Outsider is recovering well and plans to spend her next adventure with her mother.