10-Year-Old Girl Takes Down First-Ever Deer at Family Farm, A 200-Inch Buck at 200 Yards

by Shelby Scott

Hunting season has begun in many states across the country. As such, Outsiders nationally have already scored some massive bucks, including an all-white eight-pointer in Georgia several weeks ago. However, most recently, one talented Kansas 10-year-old took down an impressive 200-inch deer, making it her first KS buck.

Ella, the young hunter, and her father Cody Perkins began hunting together just last season. The 2020 hunting season saw Ella score her first doe of which Perkins was incredibly proud. “I’ve just enjoyed deer hunting all my life,” he said. “So getting Ella involved with that last year…was a joy to me and a new chapter for both of us.”

As to Ella’s buck, Perkins first spotted the beast on their family farm back in July. Photos captured a 200-plus-inch velvet whitetail. According to Outdoor Life, Perkins had previously told Ella she had dibs on the farm’s best buck. So, after locating such an impressive find, all the duo needed to do was prepare and wait for the youth hunting season to kick off.

Once it did, the hunters had a bite of a time locating and scoring the 200-inch buck. He would disappear every so often, only surfacing at the beginning of the season once it had become too dark to hunt. However, finally, on the following trip out, Perkins and his daughter shot the buck.

A Soybean Battle Leads to an Nontypical Buck

The hunt for the buck and the ensuing search for its body proved difficult. However, the talented 10-year-old remained confident in her abilities to bring the deer home. Perkins shared with the outlet that he and Ella made a difficult trek through the farm’s soybean fields. He detailed that the stalks were almost as tall as the young hunter herself. Finally, the pair emerged, remaining without cover, and the buck standing at a lengthy 200 yards away.

Nevertheless, Ella dropped to the ground, sighted in on the buck, and took her shot. Of the encounter, she said, “I was shaking, but I was still confident and knew from my practice that I was a good shot.”

After the rifle unloaded, she added that she couldn’t even see what took place after. She did see that the deer began running all over the place.

Perkins was positive Ella had hit the deer. Although, a small trail of blood proved a difficult trek in locating it. After an extensive search in the area, with Ella standing at the location of last blood so as not to lose the trail, Perkins simply stumbled upon the dead animal.

Perkins said, he “just stumbled into him piled up under a cedar tree in a washout. I was dumbfounded…[and] in total shock he was laying there dead.”

After the family located the buck and brought it in, they had a professional score the animal as a whole. Officially, Ella’s buck green scored at 208 6/8 inches. The impressive beast sported a scorable 26 points.

Although, while the buck is no doubt an impressive takeaway, especially for diehard hunters, Ella was simply happy to have the experience. She said, “I was just so happy to be there with Dad and get to shoot my first buck…I know how excited Dad was and I liked that part the most.”