100-Year-Old Luxury Ranch in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Park Goes Up For Sale: Take a Tour of the Incredible Property

by Amy Myers

Looking to by a little piece of paradise? Check your piggy bank to see if you can afford this Wyoming luxury ranch in the picturesque Shoshone National Park. Located in the Rocky Mountains with ample access to lakes, hiking trails and endless privacy, the ranch has just about anything and everything an Outsider could ever dream of right in their backyard.

Brooks Lake Lodge is an almost 100-year-old property that sits on 25 acres. Its eight private cabins and seven guestrooms offer a total of 21 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and a maximum capacity of 36 guests. The only downside is that you’re might be hosting just about every holiday with your family. But with that much space, there’s room for every family member (even in-laws) to stay without feeling cooped up. You might even forget that you have guests at all.

Along with the basic necessities, the Wyoming ranch also offers a full spa, restaurant, bar and corrals that look like they were taken straight from a Spaghetti Western film. The property also sits beside Brooks Lake, a 234-acre body of water ideal for fishing and kayaking.

Take a look at the incredible luxury ranch in the photos below.

Owner of Luxury Ranch Says It’s ‘For the Right Buyer’

Now that you’ve fallen in love with the Wyoming luxury ranch, it’s time to see the price. Get out your checkbook – it’ll cost you $10.9 million. Max C. Chapman Jr. has owned Brooks Lake Lodge for 20 years, but now he’s looking for a new property to manage.

Of course, with such a big price tag, the next owner will likely want to rent the space to Shoshone National Park and Yellowstone guests. If that’s the case, Chapman stated that the next owners will make their money back in no time.

“Brooks Lake is not big enough to be a major commercial enterprise, but it is a place where the family can gather for reunions while the place pays for itself. There are no property taxes and there is no competition,” he said.

However, even if you do have over $10 million hiding in your dress sock drawer, the current owner wants to be sure you’re the right fit for the property.

“I also own Snow King, the ski area in Jackson,” Chapman told Forbes. “I’m in the midst of a major re-do of the mountain and have to focus my efforts on that. So, for the right buyer, the lodge is for sale.”

What’s Chapman’s idea of the right buyer?

“This is a place I bought sentimentally, just because it’s so beautiful,” the owner of the luxury ranch said. “That’s how I hope the next owner approaches it.”