11-Foot Alligator Kills Man Near Myrtle Beach After Dragging Him Into a Pond

by Chris Haney

On Friday, an 11-foot alligator attacked and killed an unnamed man after the huge reptile latched on and dragged him into a pond. The incident occurred in a private residential golf community near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Initially, the local fire department responded to calls of an incident at Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club’s community pond. Upon arrival, responders found the victim’s remains as they searched near the pond around 11:45 a.m. Evidently, the community is a hotbed for gators.

According to multiple reports, residents spotted several large alligators in the area where the man was attacked. In fact, one resident documented their presence just last month on social media. Neighbor Jason Repak spoke with local Myrtle Beach outlet MyHorryNews following the attack. He shared there are multiple 12 to 14-foot alligators living in and around the neighborhood’s retention pond.

Neighbor Shares Twitter Post That Hauntingly Foreshadows Alligator Attack

Jason Repak shared further details with the outlet about the community that gave more insight into the incident. He explained that there is a two-lane road that separates two neighborhood ponds. The road divides the pond where the unnamed victim lost their life and another retention pond behind his condo.

Repak says he often sees alligators crossing the road between the ponds. Additionally, in May, Repak posted an image of three gators near the pond behind his home. He even joked that he found local zoo, Alligator Adventure’s, “next exhibit behind my condo.”

Later on Friday after Repak found out about the incident, he responded to his own tweet. The neighbor shared condolences and prayers for the victim’s family. He also wrote that he’ll be more mindful about the area when it comes to his children and dogs after the tragic death.

“This tweet was in jest last month with the rarity of seeing this in person,” he wrote on Twitter. “I couldn’t have imagined that it was likely one of these alligators that would later kill a man. My prayers and heart go out to the family as my arms wrap tighter around my kids and dogs near these ponds.”

South Carolina Officials Removed and Euthanized the Gator

Officials from the local fire department originally told the public to stay away from the community. However, they later shared on social media that the threat had been taken care of. Following the incident, police have yet to release the victim’s identity after recovering his body from the pond.

“Our hearts go out to the family and community members impacted by this tragic incident,” police said in a statement.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources worked with a contracted alligator removal service to track down the alligator in question. Officials were able to find the gator and humanely euthanize the animal, police said. Authorities are still investigating the incident at this time.